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Ron Crickenberger
Political Director
Libertarian Party
Successor: Stephen Gordon
Executive Director
Libertarian Party
Predecessor: Perry Willis
Successor: Steve Dasbach
Personal Details
Birth: 1955
Death: January 20, 2004(2004-01-20) (aged 48–49)
Party: Libertarian Party

Ron Crickenberger (1955—20 January 2004) was a highly visible and continuously active Libertarian Party activist. He served on the LNC from 1989-1997, as political director, and as national director. In 2018, he was inducted into the Hall of Liberty.

As political director he spearheaded multiple efforts, from getting Bob Barr defeated in his re-election bid in 2002, attended protests, organized campus organizations, to providing a Libertarian Party presence at multiple anti-War on Drugs events.

He also was involved with various partisan and non-partisan groups and organizations, such as the Committee for Libertarian Majority and The November Coalition.

He was architect of the LP's Drug War Focus Strategy

His opposition to the War on Drugs was his signature issue. An issue that public opinion has largely finished turning towards the libertarian perspective on.

Preceded by:
Libertarian Party Political Director
Succeeded by:
Stephen Gordon
Preceded by:
Perry Willis
Libertarian Party Executive Director
Succeeded by:
Steve Dasbach

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