Ross Perot

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Ross Perot
Personal Details
Birth: (1930-06-27) June 27, 1930 (age 90)
Occupation: Businessman
Party: Independent

Ross "The Boss" Perot (born June 27, 1930) is business man from Texas and a former Candidate for president of the United States of America. He was born in He was born in Texarkana, Texas in 1930.

1992 presidential candidacy

On February 20, 1992, Ross Perot announced live on Larry King that he had intentions on running for president of the United States as long as his supporters could gain him ballot access for all 50 states. He ran for president on the independent ballot

Perot supported the idea of balancing the federal budget and expanding of the war on drugs. Ross the Boss also wanted to end the outsourcing of jobs, and had a belief in protectionism on trade. He was personally pro-choice, and believed in increasing gun control laws.

Despite leading in the polls in the mid-summer of 1992, Ross dropped out of the race because he had been blackmailed by the Republican incumbent, George H.W. Bush. Later Perot returned to the race, and maintained enough popularity to appear on all three of the Presidential debates. Despite aggressively airing info-commercials for long periods of time during the race, he lost, receiving 19% of the popular vote, which was the most held by a third party candidate since Theodore Roosevelt in 1912.

1996 presidential candidacy

Ross Perot tried hard to keep his movement alive in the 1990s, he even debated Al gore on Larry King regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement (Perot was against it).

In 1995, Perot created the Reform Party and won the nomination for the party's election in 1996.

Ross Perot gained eight percent of the popular vote in the 1996 election against Clinton and Dole, which was unusually successful for a third-party candidate by American standards.

2008 Republican Primaries

In January 2008, Ross Perot spoke out against John McCain and made an endorsement for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. McCain would go on to win the Republican Primaries and lose the general election to then Senator Barack Obama.