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The Libertarian Statue Resource Kit is a set of resources maintained by James Gholston, currently under Libertarian Statue Press since 2006 under multiple names.

At present the current released version is kept at and the current developmental version is kept at


The Humble Disc

The First Edition appeared June 2006 and was distributed only at LP Texas 2006 convention just outside of Houston.

It was basically a disc with a 2005 presentation, essential files for making the predecessor of the CSLSide template signs (The Big L), some FOSS software, some examples, and a quick HOW TO USE THIS CD file stuffed onto it. In addition to the disc itself, some blank template signs were distributed, at least one of which appeared years later during protests with some customizatition.

The Humble Disc name is retroactively applied.

The Denver Disc

The Second Edition appeeared May 2008 and was Distributed only at the LP 2008 national convention in Denver Colorado.

This version was mostly organized by file format with just two things: The current version of the Big L Logo on a sign-sized page, and a modified version of the Classical Statue Logo's Browne variant with a white outline against a black background.

It also included a quick explanatory text file and a directory with photos of five examples of the template in use.

The Fossil Creek Disc

The Third Edition was given out June 2008 at the LPTexas 2008 convention in Ft Worth (Fossil Creek district)

This version added a sign template with a Texas-specific notice required on all signs in the state.

The Vegas Disc

The Fourth Edition appeared May 2012 at the LP 2012 national convention in Las Vegas Nevada, but was very poorly distributed due to a fumble. The majority of the discs did not actually make it into the convention venue. It had a more successful presence at the LPTexas convention shortly afterward, but promptly became obsolete afterward when the template changed.

This version had the first attempt at a web interface and had a proper cover (and a booklet). In addition to photos and template files, it added fonts, vector example files, and a tutorial for screen printing signs, and an Inkscape tutorial.


While the main page mostly listed and explained the directory structure, it did also serve as a menu with the following links:

How to Use This Kit

This was a turorial for using Inkscape

Screen Printing Tutorial

This was a tutorial for screen printing signs using art grade screen printing supplies (typically Speedball).

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The Columbus Disc

The Fifth Edition debuted June 2014 at the LP 2014 national convention in Columbus Ohio. This was the first one to be generated with the Guadalupe framework. It is the firmly recognizable ancestor of all subsequent editions.

It also made a push for a more comprehensive branding effort based on what was being done in Texas, as the branding standard used by the LNC was not being shared either accurately (the wrong colors were given) or in detail (the typefaces weren't really disclosed, but weren't freely redistributable anyway).


Its main menu included the following sections:


The screen printing and Inkscape tutorials from the Vegas Disc, plus a guide to using two-color glyphs for the Serpentine typeface.

  • Sign templates for both the revised Big L sign template (Bergland variant of the CSL), plus a special use VLogo template for vertically oriented signs and other use cases where the Big L doesn't work.
  • Button templates, mostly for 2.375 inch, but some for 3 inch. All used the VLogo presentation of the Classical Statue Logo.
Pre-Made Signs
  • 24x9 Dashboard Sign
  • 17x5.5 Medium Dashboard Sign
  • Wes Sign
  • Paragraph Sign
Pre-Made Buttons
  • Classical Statue Logo buttons
  • LGBTQ Flag Button: Marriage Equality Through Nullification
  • Nine Colors
  • Five Typefaces
Graphics and Logos
  • Presentations of the Classical Statue Logo (Bergland)
  • CSL with outline, shadow, and light spot around torch
  • Liberty L/Big L presentations
  • VLogo presentations
  • Embossed
  • Mosaic
  • Serpentine (Anguis) color lettering
  • Favicon (CSL)
  • Woodcut light spot
  • FOSS font files
  • Seven sign examples
  • Two button sheet examples

A description of the kit and its history

Help Us!

A plea for action, from starting a PAC to helping SIGLIB PAC

External Link

The Bolingbrook Disc

The Sixth Edition was unleashed September 2014 at the LP Illinois 2014 convention in Bolingbrook. It was as easy as adding more stuff to the spreadsheet that defined the Columbus Disc. It still used the Bergland variation of the Classical Statue Logo.

By the end of 2015, this edition was obsolete, but a replacement in a kit form was to have a long delay. Branding sheets were distributed at events and the SIGLIB and Libertarian Statue Press websites included a section on branding.


Its main menu included the following sections:


The same as for the Columbus Disc


Adds a generic button template to the options from the Columbus Disc, improves support for 3 inch buttons, and adds support for 2.25 inch buttons (as a separate option, button templates that cover a range of sizes came later).

Pre-Made Signs

Added a Get the Government out of your Garden Sign, an LGBTQ Marraige Equality Through Nullification Sign, and also a tabloid-sized ready-to-print presentation of the Classical Statue Logo.

Pre-Made Buttons

Added the original Get the Government OUT of your Garden button

Historical Buttons

Reproductions of four presidential campaign buttons


The same colors and typefaces from Columbus, but with revised information about them

Graphics and Logos

Possibly unchanged from Columbus


Unchanged from Columbus


Only the descriptions changed from Columbus


Minor changes and updates from Columbus

Help Us!

Added a request to submit designs and tutorials for future editions

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The Las Colinas "Disc"

The Seventh Edition was presented in April 2022 at the LP Texas 2022 convention in Irving (Las Colinas district). This was the first time the kit was physically distributed on USB jumpdrives instead of on Compact Disc.

Given the more than seven year gap, effectively all of the content needed to be replaced to reflect changes in sperifications since 2014. The version of the Classical Statue Logo was upgraded to a more definitive (earlier) revision, many of the colors had been replaced to better match long term historical usage, or in the case of dark blue LPTexas 2015 branding and in the case of gold what the LNC's 2016 branding was claiming to use. All of the typeface specifications had been changed, mostly to better reflect historical use, although Journal and Roboto 2014 came from the LNC's 2016 specification.

Sorting functionality was still broken when this was released, so the order in which things appeared in its menus was not reliably what was intended.

The CSS decorating the interface was changed to reflect a shift to white backgrounds to be more consistent with current design trends, as well as changes in branding specifications to be more consistent with a deeper run of long-term historical brand elements.


Its main menu included the following sections:

Six presentations including with an arm outline, with a hat, and also updated versions of the Big L and VLogo presentations

Pre-Made Signs

Sorted into 12 sizes, most providing the CSLSide presentation with a selection of messages including Inflation is Theft, Already Against the Next War, and Vote Against Tyrants. Dashboard sizes also included.


Four button size ranges, where each button sheet works with 2-3 slightly different sizes. To sort by metric sizes, the ranges were 25mm, 32mm, 58mm, and 75mm.

  • CSL presentation in all size ranges
  • Vote Libertarian button in all size ranges
  • Remember Why in 32mm and larger
  • Laissez Faire in 32mm and larger
  • Anarchist/Minarchist buttons in the 58mm and 75mm ranges
  • Peace buttons in the 58mm and 75mm ranges
  • Get the Government OUT of your Garden in the 58mm and 75mm ranges
  • Six different message button sets for 58mm
  • Libertarian Candidate buttons for the years 2022 through 2032 for 58mm

Button sheet templates and button circle templates for four size ranges, and CSLSide sign templates for 9 sizes

  • Libertygramma (Microgramma) -- 1 font (extended)
  • Roboto 2014 -- 34 fonts
  • Century Schoolbook (TeX Gyre Schola) -- 4 fonts
  • Fontourist Journal -- effectively 3 fonts
Clip Art

13 images

Branding Specifications

The same basic design, but mostly reflecting seven years of changes. Some colors got left out in the rush to get it out the door in time.


Updated noticeably from Bolingbrook

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The Sparks "Disc"

The Eighth Edition debuted May 2022 at the LP 2022 national convention in Sparks Nevada, near Reno.

Like Bolingbrook, this is mostly the previous edition with more content. As sorting had been rewritten, things were frequently in a different order than with Las Colinas.


Its main menu included the following sections:

Classical Statue Logo

Re-adds the mosaic logo from Bolingbrook (with a change of blue), a highly detailed embossed variant, plus a set of line art implementations designed for use with plotters

Pre-Made Signs

There was no time to make changes to this section, although it's no longer in a random order.


44mm/1.75 inch was added and included the following:

  • Laissez Faire
  • Freedom to be You (LGBTQ Flag)
  • Remember Why (Revolutionary War Grand Union Flag)
  • Peace
  • TANSTAAFL diamond Libersign
  • Vote Libertarian
  • Get the Government OUT of your Garden
  • Anarchist and Minarchist
  • Classical Statue Logo
  • LP Candidate 2022-2031 and 2033 (as a bug, 2032 is missing)

Added 44mm generic and CSLSide button circle templates and button sheet template; 75mm CSLSide button circle template


Libertygramma set expanded to six fonts: extended, semi-extended, medium, semi-condensed, condensed, and compressed.

Clip Art

More porcupine logo presentations, Gonzalez gun, 1911A1 pistol, combat knife, Culpepper snake, and wallpaper.

Branding Specifications

Tweaks and missing colors added

  • Logo usage guide
  • Color usage guide
  • Typeface usage guide

Minimal changes to reflect changes since the previous edition and listing itself in the release history

External Link

Ninth Edition

Start of work is pending on the ninth edition as of July 2022 as James works on San Luis Peak. Planned and wishlist features include:

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved Microgramma fonts and/or a variable font
  • CSLSide buttons for the 44mm and 75mm ranges
  • Signs without the Texas notice


The San Luis Peak "Disc" is an equivalent resource kit for the Radical Caucus. It's using the Sparks "Disc" as its starting point.


Named after the street of a former location of the LPTexas headquarters, Guadalupe is a Python framework used to turn a spreadsheet (saved in CSV format) into a build of a resource kit. It was hurriedly developed in 2014 for the Columbus Disc, and was broken in 2015 during an attempt to make a major revision. It wasn't working again until 2021 when James found time again, figured out what he did wrong, and made a new effort to revise it with a lot more attention paid to fault tolerance.