Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia

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Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia
General Information
Jurisdiction: Northern Virginia
Status: Active
Chair: Jake Berube
Secretary: James Twaddell
Treasurer: William Ogle
Website: Website
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter
Meetup: Meetup

The Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia (LPNOVA) is a local affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Virginia covering Arlington County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Alexandria City, Falls Church City, and Fairfax City. Although Loudoun County was not originally part of the affiliate's area, it was added during the November 2020 convention.

Board Members

Past Board Members

Past Chairs

Year Name
2018-2021 Adam Theo
2017-2018 Steve Resz
2017 Matt Cholko
2016-2017 Jeffrey Carson
2016 Bridget Ulrich
2015-2016 Andy Bakker
2014-2015 Bridget Ulrich
2013-2014 David Valente

Past Vice-Chairs of Arlington County & Alexandria City

Year Name
2020-2021 Mike Coletti

Past Vice-Chairs of Fairfax County, Fairfax City, & Falls Church

Year Name
2021-2022 CJ Cunningham
2021 Tim Tkacz
2020-2021 Karrington Greenlee

Past Vice-Chairs of Loudoun County

Year Name
2021-2022 Dan Ford
2020-2021 Anthony Mace

Past Vice-Chairs

Year Name
2019-2020 Rachel Mace
2017-2019 Martin Overstrom
2016-2017 Steven Resz
2016 David Valente
2015-2016 Bridget Ulrich
2014-2015 David Valente
2013-2014 Matt Cholko

Past Secretaries

Year Name
2020-2021 Nate Becker
2019-2020 Karrington Greenlee
2018-2019 Stevan Porter
2017-2018 Rachel Mace
2016-2017 Michael Miller
2013-2016 Martin Overstrom

Past Treasurers

Year Name
2020-2021 Paul Bracco
2013-2020 Josef Storm

Past At-Large Members

Year Name
2021 Dan John
2020-2021 Shannon Caine
2019-2020 Logan Hoy
2018-2019 Rachel Mace
2017-2018 Adam Theo
2016-2017 Martin Overstrom
2016 Jeffrey Carson
2015-2016 David Valente
2014-2015 Diana Castillo
2013-2014 Christina Kordiolis


Current Bylaws

Past Bylaws

Year File
2021-2022 LPNOVA 2021 Bylaws
2020-2021 LPNOVA 2020 Bylaws
2019-2020 LPNOVA 2019 Bylaws
2018-2019 LPNOVA 2018 Bylaws
2017-2018 LPNOVA 2017 Bylaws
2016-2017 LPNOVA 2016 Bylaws
2013-2016 LPNOVA 2013 Bylaws

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