Libertarian Party of California Judicial Committee

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The Judicial Committee of the Libertarian Party of California handles appeals of actions of various kinds. The LPC Bylaws provide for appeal to this committee specifically in cases of suspension of membership, suspension of an officer or Operations Committee member, challenges to elections of county officers, challenges to proposed Platform planks, Program planks, or resolutions, and more generally if an action is alleged to be inconsistent with the LPC's governing documents. The Judicial Committee may also be named to serve as arbitrator in LPC contracts.

The five members of the Judicial Committee are elected for two year terms at the convention held in even-numbered years. Starting in 2021 two alternate positions were added (and an election to fill those positions for one year, until the next even-numbered year, was held at the 2021 convention).


2020-2022 David Bowers (chair), Bob Weber, Alicia Mattson, Kevin Shaw, Chuck Hamm; alternates (starting 2021) Aaron Starr, Mark Hinkle
2018-2020 Joe Dehn (chair), Matt Pautz, Jill Pyeatt, Bob Weber, Susan Marie Weber
2016-2018 Barbara Englehardt, Alan Pyeatt, Lawrence Samuels, Aaron Starr, Brianna Wright
2014-2016 Ted Brown, Jill Pyeatt, Aaron Starr
2008-2009 Alan Hacker, Daniel Wiener, Rick Nichol, Less Antman, Mark Hinkle
2007 Michael Seebeck, Michael McMahon, M Carling, Don Cowles, Dan Wiener


This is a partial list of cases considered by the LPC Judicial Committee.