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The Libertarian National Congressional Committee or LNCC is a committee created by the LNC for the purpose of electing Libertarians to the United States Congress. Its original goal was electing Libertarians to the United States Congress and it was modeled after the Democratic and Republican equivalents, the DCCC and the NRCC.

It later changed its “doing business as” public name to Libertarian National Campaign Committee to indicate it would support state and local candidates as well. The LNCC currently describes itself as “the candidate support wing of the Libertarian Party” and says its purpose is “to elect candidates of the Libertarian Party to the House of Representatives and any state or local office in the United States.”[1]


The LNCC was created by act of the Libertarian National Committee at its meeting in February 2005. Under the The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA, McCain–Feingold Act, Pub.L. 107–155, 116 Stat. 81) contribution limits to political parties increased from $2k to $25k, encouraging formation of party committees. Political parties are allowed three such committees.[2] The LNCC registered with the Federal Election Commission ("FEC") as the Congressional committee and must file reports under that name. Under FEC rules it cannot support Presidential campaigns.[3][4]

In January of 2005 the LNC authorized formation of the committee to show that both committees were “on the same team.” The LNCC board of directors would control committee funds. [5] The LNC chair is a board member of the LNCC.[6]

By November 2005 all seven Incorporators of the LNCC (Ben Brandon, M Carling, Ed Clark, Judge Gray, Jim Lark, Bill Redpath and Mark Rutherford) had signed the Articles of Incorporation, followed by LNC Chair Michael Dixon.[2] Shortly thereafter incorporators signed the bylaws and the Articles were filed with the District of Columbia and reports with the FEC. M Carling served as chair, Admiral Michael C. Colley as vice chair, Chuck Moulton as secretary, and Bill Redpath as treasurer.[7]

In July 2010 the 2008 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root was elected chair of the LNCC. [8] In September of 2012 Root left the Libertarian Party for the Republican Party.[9]

In 2012 the LNCC engaged in candidate training.[10] In 2014 LNCC Executive Director Evan McMahon described ambitious plans for the committee to endorse candidates, assist in fundraising for them, and to create a County Development and Enhancement Program.[11]


Currently Mark A. Rutherford is chair of the LNCC.[12] Their website and a Facebook page.[13]

Past Officers and Directors

M Carling, chair
Bill Redpath, LNC chairman board member
Bill Hall, director, legal counsel
Ben Brandon
Marc Montoni, database manager
Chuck Moulton, webmaster, secretary
Bill Redpath, treasurer
Aaron Starr, treasurer


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