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The Libertarian Christian Podcast is the flagship podcast of the Libertarian Christian Institute and part of the Christians for Liberty Network. It launched in 2017. [1]


The show was originally co-hosted by Doug Stuart, Norman Horn, and Nick Gausling with an occasional appearance by Jason Rink. For most of the show’s history after the first year, Stuart alone has served as host, though is occasionally joined by Horn. [1]

Past Guests

Past guests include: [1]

Ron Paul

Tom Woods

Andrew Napolitano

Spike Cohen

Gene Epstein

Lawrence Reed

Michael Rectenwald

Art Carden

Scott Horton

Bryan Caplan

Mary Ruwart

David J. Theroux

Robert P Murphy

Jeffrey Tucker

Angela McArdle

Jeff Deist

Ryan McMaken

Doug Bandow

Michael Heise

Max Borders