LPVA Constitutional Committee (2024)

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The Libertarian Party of Virginia created[1] this ad-hoc committee to recommend constitutional amendments to the assembled delegates during the 2024 LPVA Convention. Those amendments are then debated and voted on by the members.

Read-Only Discussion List

Public Read-Only Discussion List


Committee Members
Name Position Date Appointed Date Resigned
Paul Bracco Chair 01/15/2023
Richard Fast Member 05/21/2023 08/27/2023
Joseph Knowles Member 05/21/2023
William Ogle Member 05/21/2023
Stevan Porter Member 05/22/2023
Maria RePass Member 05/21/2023


2024 LPVA Constitution Committee Meetings
Meeting Date Location Minutes
08/14/2023 Online N/A - no quorum
09/11/2023 Online Minutes (Draft) (info)
10/09/2023 Online
11/13/2023 Online
12/11/2023 Online

Town Halls

2024 LPVA Constitution Committee Town Halls
Meeting Date Location Meeting Package Video


2024 LPVA Constitution Committee Proposals
Proposal Name Introduced By Introduction Date Language as Introduced Committee Vote Date Committee Voting Result Passed Language
Proposal A - Clean Up Amendment Language[2] Bracco 5/28/2023 Proposal A (info) 9/11/2023 3-0-1 Proposal A as Passed (info)
Proposal B - Add Platform Authorization[3] Fast 6/14/2023 Proposal B (info)
Proposal C - Party Reference Cleanup[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal C (info) 9/11/2023 3-0-1 Proposal C as Passed (info)
Proposal D - Automatic CD Proxy & Remove Officer Proxies[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal D (info)
Proposal E - Endorsement Rules[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal E (info)
Proposal F - Officer Removal Notice[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal F (info)
Proposal G - Remove Unified Membership[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal G (info)
Proposal H - Convention Agenda & Delegate Selection[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal H (info)
Proposal I - CD Chair Attendance[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal I (info)
Proposal J - LPVA Lifetime Membership[4] Bracco 7/18/2023 Proposal J (info)
Proposal K - Require District Officer Elections[5] Knowles 7/24/2023 Proposal K (info)
Proposal L - Minimum Threshold for Readmitting an Expelled Member of the Party[6] Knowles 7/24/2023 Proposal L (info)