Judicial Committee (2020-2022)

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The Judicial Committee is the final avenue of appeal, giving due process beyond the LNC for several enumerated areas of subject matter jurisdiction.



In re: The Suspension of LNC Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos

See In re: The Suspension of Caryn Ann Harlos - LNC Secretary-in-Exile

In re: Petition Initiated by George Phillies

In 2021, George Phillies filed a member petition requesting what appeared to be a declaratory judgment from the Judicial Committee concerning the role of Robert's Rules of Order in relation to the Party Bylaws but was rejected by the Judicial Committee as having no jurisdiction as there was no adverse decision by the LNC which the petitioners sought to appeal. The initial issue appeared to surround whether or not the Vice-Chair would automatically ascend to the position of Chair if the Chair was vacated with George Phillies taking the position that they would not which many stated was contradictory to Robert's Rules of Order (a position ruled on by Vice-Chair Ken Moellman when was appealed and overturned by the LNC in agreement with George Phillies.

In re: Delaware Appeals

See Libertarian Party of Delaware Leadership Controversy 2021 for documents and details.

The final ruling (info) was in favor of the Board chaired by Bill Hinds over that chaired by Will McVay.

In re: Massachusetts Appeals

See Libertarian Association of Massachusetts Leadership Controversy 2022