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Jeffrey Hewitt
Jeff-Hewitt 2018 web-bg-cropped.jpg
District 5
Riverside County Board of Supervisors
Successor: Incumbent
Region 4 Representative
Libertarian National Committee
Predecessor: Dan Wiener
Successor: Carrie Eiler
Personal Details
Birth: 1953
Redlands, California
Education: University of California, San Bernardino
Occupation: Swimming Pool Contractor, Businessman
Residence: Calimesa, California
Party: Libertarian
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Jeffrey "Jeff" Hewitt is a businessman and swimming pool contractor from Calimesa, California.[1] He is currently the District 5 Representative on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.[2] He served three terms (2016-2022) as Region 4 Representative on the Libertarian National Committee[3]

He was a delegate seated with the delegation of the Libertarian Party of California at the 2022 National Convention.

At work as a public official. (campaign photo)
Speaking at the 2018 national convention.
Being sworn in as a county supervisor 8 January 2019 by LP National Chair Nick Sarwark.
Hewitt for Governor fundraising event, Castro Valley, 16 July 2021.

Organizational Positions

Riverside County, California
  • Board of Supervisors, District 5 (2019-present)
Calimesa, California
  • Calimesa Planning Commission (prior to 2010)
  • Calimesa City Council (2010-2018), Mayor (2015-2018)
Libertarian Party
  • Region 4 Representative (2016-2022)
  • National Convention Delegate from California (2018, 2020)


2010 and 2014 - Calimesa City Council

Hewitt was first elected to the city council, which consists of five members elected at-large on a non-partisan basis, in the General Election of 2 November 2010, coming in second (two to be elected) with 1,007 votes (24.78%)[4].

He and the other member elected in 2010 were appointed for another 4-year term in 2014, in lieu of an election, because they were the only candidates who filed for the position [5].

In December 2015 he was selected by the city council to serve as Mayor[6].

2014 - State Senate District 23

Hewitt ran as a Libertarian in a special election for State Senate held 25 March 2014. He received 4,479 votes (6.5%), 4th place in a field of five (against two Republicans and two Democrats)[7].

2016 - State Assembly District 42

Hewitt was the Libertarian candidate in the 7 June 2016 primary election for Assembly District 42, coming in 3rd in a field of three (against a Republican and a Democrat) with 7,601 votes (7.8%); under the "Top Two" system he did not advance to the General Election.

2018 - Riverside County Supervisor

In 2018 Hewitt ran for the District 5 position on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. In this non-partisan campaign he labeled himself conservative, identified his key issues as "economic growth", "common sense", and "responsible government", and received the endorsement of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC[8]. He won the position in the General Election of 6 November 2018 with 54,891 votes (51.90%)[9], after coming in second in a field of five in the 5 June primary with 14,304 votes (25.91%)[10].

2021 - Governor of California

Hewitt ran as a candidate for Governor in the recall election held 14 September 2021. He received the endorsement of the LPC Executive Committee (13 March 2021), the LP of Santa Clara County (10 April 2021), and the LP of Riverside County (24 April 2021). The election had two parts -- the question of whether Gavin Newsom should be recalled, and question of who should replace him. There were 46 candidates on the ballot; Hewitt came in 16th, with about 0.7% of the vote. (But the results for this part of the election were moot, as a majority did not vote to recall Newsom.) [11]

2022 - Riverside County Supervisor

Hewitt ran for re-election as county supervisor in 2022. In the 7 June primary, with four candidates on the ballot, he came in second with about 32% of the vote, just a bit behind challenger Yxstian Gutierrez who received about 34%. Since no candidate received a majority, there was a runoff in November, in which he received 45.74% of the vote (39,887 votes), losing to Gutierrez who received 54.26% (47,312).