Elijah Mack

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Elijah Mack
Libertarian Party Wild Caucus
February, 2023—Present
Libertarian Party of Santa Barbara County
January, 2023—Present
Predecessor: Cameron Clark
Vice Chair
California Libertarian Youth Caucus
Personal Details
Residence: Central Coast
Party: Libertarian
Website: https://lpwildcaucus.com
Twitter: Twitter
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Elijah Mack is a member of the Libertarian Party of California, Founder of the Libertarian Party Wild Caucus, and Chair of the Santa Barbara Libertarian Party which he co-founded with Cameron Clark in 2022. Elijah has also acted as Vice-Chair in the California Libertarian Youth Caucus since its re-launch in 2022.

Heavily influenced by American Transcendentalist thinkers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, Elijah identifies as a Green Libertarian, advocating for increased self-reliance, localized economies, mutual aid, and environmental preservation.

Elijah is running in 2024 for California State Senate in District #19 (Santa Barbara). If elected, he would be the youngest California Legislator in history. Elijah is running without party preference, and has received multi-party endorsement because of it. He will likely only run against Monique Limon, the incumbent Democrat.