Elijah Mack

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Elijah Mack
Libertarian Party Wild Caucus
February, 2023—Present
Libertarian Party of Santa Barbara County
January, 2023—Present
Predecessor: Cameron Clark
Vice Chair
California Libertarian Youth Caucus
Personal Details
Residence: Central Coast
Party: Libertarian
Website: https://lpwildcaucus.com
Twitter: Twitter
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Elijah Mack is a member of the Libertarian Party of California, Founder of the Libertarian Party Wild Caucus, and Chair of the Santa Barbara Libertarian Party which he co-founded with Cameron Clark in 2022. Elijah has also acted as Vice-Chair in the California Libertarian Youth Caucus since its re-launch in 2022.

Heavily influenced by American Transcendentalist thinkers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, Elijah identifies as a Green Libertarian, advocating for increased self-reliance, localized economies, mutual aid, and environmental preservation.

Elijah is running in 2024 for California State Senate in District #21 (Santa Barbara). If elected, he would be the youngest California Legislator in history. Elijah is running without party preference, and has received multi-party endorsement because of it.

Mack will likely only run against Monique Limon, the Democrat incumbent, in the General Election. Running to represent nearly one million central coast residents, Mack has the potential to receive the most votes of a Libertarian Party member running for any legislative position in the United States.