Document:LNC Resolution 15 May 2020 Government Overreach Regarding COVID-19

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All names are listed alphabetically by surname.

Motion: Whereas governmental bodies in the ongoing COVID-19 crisis have stepped beyond their rightful powers, and 

Whereas no person or organization can claim to hold the principles of

liberty in times of peace and plenty who does not hold them as firmly in times of emergency,

Be it therefore resolved that the Libertarian National Committee make known its opposition to tyranny in humanitarian’s clothing, affirming that: No "emergency," whether declared or undeclared, shall be used as a pretext or justification for the limitation of any of the rights and freedoms of the individual, or for the expansion of the powers of government or any of its agencies, representatives, or member institutions.

Co-Sponsors:  Sam Goldstein, Caryn Ann Harlos, Richard Longstreth, Alex Merced, John Phillips, Jason Smith, Elizabeth Van Horn

Threshold Required: 3/4 Vote

Voting "aye":  Whitney Bilyeu, Joe Bishop-Henchman, Sam Goldstein, Tim Hagan, Caryn Ann Harlos, Jim Lark, Richard Longstreth, Alex Merced, Steve Nekhaila, Justin O’Donnell, John Phillips, Jason Smith, Elizabeth Van Horn

Voting "nay": None

Express Abstention:  None

No Vote Cast: Jeff Hewitt/Tim Ferreira, Alicia Mattson, Bill Redpath, Nick Sarwark

With a final vote tally of 12-0-0-5 the motion PASSED

You can view the Secretary's manual tally of votes here.  Votes are noted with a link to the actual ballot cast for verification.

Please notify me of any discrepancies.