Bylaws and Rules Committee (2014)

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The Bylaws and Rules Committee recommends bylaw amendments and convention rule amendments to the assembled delegates during national conventions. Those amendments are then debated and voted on by the delegates.


Mark Hinkle, Geoff Neale, Rich Tomasso, and Dan Wiener were LNC members (up to 5 committee members may be LNC members). Aaron Starr, Adrien Monteleone, and Jim Burns were elected ranked alternates (in that order). Jim Burns passed away in December, 2014.

Chuck Moulton was elected chair of the committee and Aaron Starr was elected secretary.


  • February 28, 2014 (Alexandria, VA)[1]
  • June 26, 2014 (Columbus, OH)[2]


2014 Bylaws and Rules Committee report[3]

  • Consent Recommendation at Start of Bylaws Report
  • Assign Alternate Credentialing to the Correct Entity
  • Allow Fusion Candidates Where State Election Law Permits
  • Creation of a Style Committee
  • Eliminate Redundant Language for Officers Being National Committee Members
  • Eliminate Roll Call Vote Announcement by State Chairs for National Committee Elections
  • Extend Electronic Mail Ballot Voting to Committees
  • Allow Electronic Meetings for Large Committees or Boards
  • Make Statement of Principles a Separate Stand-Alone Document
  • Approval of Convention Minutes
  • Add Per-Capita Measure of Affiliates to Committee Appointment Process
  • Alternate Business Between Conventions
  • Approval Voting for At-Large Members of the National Committee
  • Adjust Structure of the National Committee
  • Convention Committee Members
  • National Committee Vote on Convention Fee
  • Re-Authorize National Committee Establishment of Dues with a Two-Thirds Vote
  • Require National Delegates to be Party Members
  • Define in Advance the Agreement between the Party and the Presidential Campaign
  • Additional jurisdiction for Judicial Committee
  • Prohibit Floor Fees
  • Vendors & the National Committee
  • Decisions of the Judicial Committee Binding


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