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This article is a Permanent Bootstrap List

Its intent is to be a list of needed articles on a specific topic that will never be truly completable.

It does not need to be particularly tidy.

It should never be turned into a content article. Please leave this tag in place.

You can help LPedia by clicking on any red link on this page and writing the article or stub article. You do not need to write a complete or even tidy article -- others can and will use your contribution -- even a messy and incomplete one -- as a starting point.

Thank you.

Populating the wiki with a bunch of book articles is a good job for a bot.

possible spreadsheet columns:

  • article name
  • short name (probably main article name)
  • verbose name (possibly create redirect if it's short enough)
  • other names (create redirects)
  • authors (single or list)
  • published (date of first printing)
  • summary
  • image (need to get image uploads working again)
  • notes (create talk page and add this)
  • redirects
  • original publisher
  • pages
  • word count
  • ISBN
  • LCC (Library of Congress classification)
  • Dewey
  • OCLC (Online Computer Library Center/WorldCat)
  • online (link if it's online somewhere)
  • previous book (for succession box)
  • following book (for succession box)
  • succession (by author or group or similar for succession box)
  • links

Links to Lists of Libertarian Books

Links to ARCHIVED Lists of Libertarian Books


Attempt to get complete bibliographies (possibly skipping works that are off-topic) for these to add to the spreadsheet

High Priority Books

Specific books to draw attention to in hopes of attracting someone who can put together an article

Maybe try to keep this alphabetized.