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The Platform of the Libertarian Party Wild Caucus is a document which outlines the philosophies and sentiments which make the organization distinct from other caucuses within the Libertarian Party.

The Wild Caucus Platform is the organization's central authority, and cannot be amended outside of necessary tweaks to address aesthetic issues in the writing. For this reason, the Wild Caucus Organizational Structure puts forth a system wherein the elected leaders primarily manage caucus activities, and do not work on the platform or manage bylaws.

'Our written platform holds the highest position of authority in this caucus. After ratification, it was permanently set in stone. A Party dedicated to serving unchanging and absolute principles deserves caucuses which do the same.' - Elijah Mack, 2023 Preamble of the Wild Caucus Platform

This article seeks to contain information about the platform itself, and does not contain the platform. A breakdown of the Wild Caucus' philosophy can be found on the group's article here in this wiki, and the full platform can be found on the Wild Caucus website linked therein.


The Wild Caucus Platform can be broken into two sections. The first outlines the philosophy of the caucus, while the second outlines the group's organizational structure. The section is sometimes considered the Wild Caucus Constitution, while the first is the true platform of the party.

Within the first section there are three articles. Article One outlines the concept of 'Naturalism', Article Two outlines the caucus' position on issues varying from victimless crime laws to Transhumanism, and Article Three re-affirms the Caucus' adherence to the Non-Agression principle and the principles of liberty.

The 'Wild Caucus Constitution' is broken into two articles. The first covers issues like term limits and processes for amending the platform, while the second discusses how members of different leadership positions are elected and what duties they are expected to perform.


The Platform of the Wild Caucus was written by caucus founder and Chair Elijah Mack in November 2022, with the amendment process being completed and the document being officially ratified in February, 2023. Minor aesthetic changes have been made since to make the platform more readable and to prevent misinterpretations in the directions of the Caucus Constitution.

The Chair of the Party is expected to write new preambles to the official copy of the platform whenever there are notable ongoings in the Libertarian Party, to address the importance of Wild Caucus ideas in the LP as it changes.