Protest 1992 Presidential Debate Access for Marrou

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A group of Libertarians gathered to protest Libertarian Presidential Candidate Andre Marrou being excluded from the 1992 Presidential Debates at Washington University.

This footage includes street protests with chants of "50 States! Let him debate!" and "In 92, Vote for Marrou." During the protest, US House candidate for Missouri Robert Stockhausen was arrested for no apparent reason and was treated roughly. Jim Morrison, St. Louis Libertarian Party Chair makes brief comment. There is also footage from a Marrou speech inside a room at Washington University, in which he highlights the unfairness of the system and the foundational belief of the NAP. The footage clips in and out, but one other speak was identified to be David Carr, Missouri State House candidate. The protest footage is repeated at the end.

This was taken from a VHS tape in the Party archives and converted by Keith Thompson in December 2017.