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The 2024 Libertarian Party presidential nominee will be chosen at the 2024 Libertarian National Convention, scheduled to be held in May 2024 in Washington, DC. The vice presidential candidate will be chosen during a separate nominating ballot during the same convention. The ticket will run in the 2024 United States Presidential election, set to be held on November 5th 2024.

Declared Candidates

The following candidates have publicly declared their intent to run for President as a Libertarian through a press release, the creation of a website, participation in a candidate forum, announcement via social media, and/or filing a report of contributions/expenditures with FEC.[1]

Photo Name Background State Campaign Announced
Jacob-Hornberger 2024-campaign portrait cropped.png Jacob Hornberger Founder - Future of Freedom Foundation
Attorney, Past candidate for President
Virginia website 20 February 2023 [2]
Beaulindseycampaignlogo.png Beau Lindsey Activist, Anonymous Tennessee website 2023
Mike-ter-Maat 2024-campaign portrait cropped.png Mike ter Maat Economist, Police Officer
2022 candidate for Florida's 20th Congressional District, US House (special election)[3]
Virginia website 30 April 2022
Lars-Mapstead 2024-campaign portrait cropped.png Lars Mapstead Libertarian Activist and Lifetime Member California website 24 September 2021[4]
Chase-Oliver 2024-campaign portrait cropped.png Chase Oliver Political Activist
Past candidate for US House and Senate
Georgia website 2 December 2022 [5]
Michael-Rectenwald-1.png Michael Rectenwald Scholar/Author
Recent books: The Great Reset, Beyond Woke, Google Archipeligo
Pennsylvania website 15 September 2023
Joshua-Rodriguez 2024-campaign portrait cropped.png Joshua Rodriguez Scientist, Non-Profit Manager Colorado website 2022
Joshua-Smith-2022.jpg Joshua Smith Libertarian Activist, Podcaster
LNC At-Large (2018-2022), National Vice Chair (2022-2023)
Iowa website 2023

The following candidates have been the subject of public speculation relating to a presidential run in 2024, but have otherwise made no official declarations or filings to do so.

Name Background State Source
Justin Amash US House of Representatives- Michigan's 3rd District (2011-2021) Michigan [6]
Dave Smith Comedian/Podcaster New York [7]

Withdrawn Candidates

Joe Exotic, also known as "The Tiger King," declared his presidential candidacy as a Libertarian in February 2023 -- from prison.[8] After sparring with LP National Chair Angela McArdle on Twitter, he withdrew his name as a Libertarian, and shortly thereafter, he declared again as a Democrat. Of the candidate, McArdle said, "We are not a landing pad for former reality stars and D-list celebrities."


Date Location Participating Candidates Recording
15 February 2023 "The Sharpe Way" Mike ter Maat, Lars Mapstead, Chase Oliver, Joshua Rodriguez
26 April 2023 "The Sharpe Way" Mike ter Maat, Lars Mapstead, Chase Oliver, Joshua Rodriguez

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