New Castle County Libertarian Party

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New Castle County Libertarian Party
General Information
Jurisdiction: New Castle County, Delaware
Status: Active
Chair: Nadine Frost
Vice-Chair: Bill Hinds
Secretary: Dayl Thomas
Treasurer: Brad Thomas

The New Castle County Libertarian Party is an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Delaware.

Executive Committee

Nadine Frost, chair
Bill Hinds, vice-chair
Brad Thomas, treasurer
Dayl Thomas, secretary

Past Officials, Staff, and Other Contacts

Lisa Busch, chair (c. 2003)
Brad Thomas, secretary (c. 2003 – c. 2006?)
George Jurgensen, chair (c. 2006)
George Barnett, chair (c.2008? - present)
Tom Uffner, vice-chair (2011-present)
Amy Merlino, treasurer (2011-present)
James Christina, secretary (2011-present)

Libertarian Party of Delaware
Affiliates: KentNew CastleSussex
Other: Election Results

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