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Michael Lema
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Personal Details

Michael Lema is an At-Large member of the Libertarian Party of California Executive Committee, and was a candidate for City Council of Hayward, California (in Alameda County) in 2022.

Organizational Positions

  • Libertarian Party of California, Executive Committee At-Large (2022)
  • Libertarian Party of Alameda County (California), Executive Committee At-Large (2022)


Hayward, California - City Council - 2022

This was a non-partisan race, in November, with 8 candidates running to fill 2 spots. Lema came in 8th, with 2,895 votes (5.78%).

Campaign summary from "The Beacon", September 2022:

Michael is a true Hayward Native. Born in the city in 1996, he attended local schools, including Hayward High, found his friends, family, and community in the city. Now he is running for City Council to give back to his city in a new way: making it a better place for all of its residents.

Michael Lema is running on a platform to clean up the city and reaffirm all of its residents' freedoms. On Education, Homelessness, Security, and COVID-19, Michael only stands for one thing: Hayward.

Campaign web site: [https://www.lema4hayward.us/]