List of Recipients of Sons of Liberty Award (California)

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For the candidate who was most effective in communicating libertarian principles to the voters.

Presented at the annual Samuel Adams Society luncheon.


1982 David Bergland 1980 U.S. Senate candidate
1983 Joe Fuhrig 1982 U.S. Senate candidate
1985 Mark Hinkle 1984 Assembly candidate
1987 Carol Newman 1986 Attorney General candidate
1989 Dennis Thompson 1988 U.S. House candidate
1991 June Genis 1990 U.S. House candidate
1993 Gene Berkman 1992 U.S. House candidate
1995 Richard Boddie 1994 U.S. Senate candidate
1997 Tom Tryon 1996 Calaveras County Supervisorial candidate
1999 Steve Kubby 1998 Gubernatorial Candidate
2001 David Nolan 2000 U.S. House candidate
2003 Maad Abu-Ghazalah 2002 U.S. House candidate