LNC Meeting 21 November 2021

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November 21, 2021
Online via Zoom
Meeting Personnel
Presiding officer: Whitney Bilyeu
Secretary: Tim Hagan (pro tem)
Minutes: Minutes (info)

The Libertarian National Committee met electronically on November 21, 2021 to consider issues surrounding the Libertarian Party of Delaware Leadership Controversy 2021. No decisions were made and the Libertarian Party of Delaware was left in the control of Will McVay.


Teleconference via Zoom




Caryn Ann Harlos who had personally assumed the title of "LNC Secretary-in-Exile" in protest to what she considered her fraudulent removal, which removal was subsequently voided by the National Convention 2022.

Harlos commented on the meeting as it progressed (NSFW):

  1. These are replacement minutes to those originally prepared (info) by Tim Hagan via email ballot 20220609-01.