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Kevin Hobbie
Libertarian Party of Oklahoma
Predecessor: Chad Williams
Libertarian Party of Oklahoma
Personal Details
Birth: November 20, 1989
Residence: Oklahoma
Party: Libertarian
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: [@HobbieReal Twitter]
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Kevin is the current Chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party. Elected first as Vice-Chair in 2019, Kevin has participated in local election campaigns for Libertarian candidates within the state including Chad Williams’s successful run for City Council of the City of Choctaw. Kevin believes the Libertarian Party is at the forefront of the liberty movement and is focused on helping the party become more streamlined and successful in local elections to advance the party’s goals. He has advocated for a larger focus by the party on spreading the word of libertarianism to millennials and the younger generations through a partnership with Young Americans for Liberty and speaking engagements on local campuses.

Kevin is a Lifetime Member of both the OKLP and the Libertarian Party.

2021 Campaign for OKLP Chair

Hobbie announced his campaign for Oklahoma Libertarian Party Chair on February 2nd, 2021. Kevin ran as a Unity Coalition Candidate, who gained support from both the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus and other members of the party. In a very unique election, the outcome of the first vote was a dead tie, 23-23 with one abstention. Hobbie and his opponent, Rex Lawhorn, offered to split the duties and serve as co-chairs. However, the delegates decided to continue voting, and Kevin won the Chairmanship by a single vote in the second round.

Chair Platform
Unity Coalition - Bringing the different Caucuses, Factions, and Divisions of Libertarians together
Make the OKLP a recognizable and omnipresent party in the Oklahoma Political and Social landscape
Draw Libertarians and others interested in Liberty into the party through meaningful engagement with the community

Chief Chats Podcast

On November 2nd, 2020, Hobbie, and Co-Host Todd Hagopian, launched their podcast "Chief Chats". They drop 1-2 episodes a week, have multiple formats and have featured a number of high-profile guests, including:

> Spike Cohen

> Larry Sharpe

> Kim Ruff

> Angela McArdle

> Brad Polumbo

> Joe Walsh

> Joshua Smith

> Ricky Harrington

> Brian Nichols

> Corey DeAngelis

> And More...

Show Formats
"Ladies of Liberty" Episodes - Featuring Successful Females In The Movement & How To Better Market To Women
Issue Podcasts - Focusing On Specific Hot-Button Issues In The Movement To Educate Listeners
Introduction Podcasts - Introduce Their Listeners To Interesting People Inside, & Outside, The Libertarian Movement