Kenneth Mulvena

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Kenneth Mulvena
Mulvena Ken.png
Libertarian Party of Queens County
?????, 2019—present
Predecessor: Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla
Successor: Incumbent
Libertarian Party of Queens County
March 2018—?????, 2019
Predecessor: Usman Ali Chohan
Successor: Vacant
Libertarian Party of Queens County
November 8, 2017—present
Predecessor: Armin Nassiri
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details
Education: Hofstra University in Long Island, NY
Occupation: Political Consultancy
Residence: Bellerose, New York
Party: Libertarian Party

Kenneth Mulvena is a Libertarian Party activist and the current Chair and Secretary for the Libertarian Party of Queens County. Mulvena is a resident of New York City's Bellerose area in Southeastern Queens, which is part of the five boroughs of the City of New York.

Mulvena was appointed Secretary in November 2017 following a change in leadership for the Queens LP. His term began on November 8th, 2017. Shortly after his first term as Secretary, he was elected Vice-Chair at the Queens County Convention 2018.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of Queens County
  • Chair (???? 2019—present)
  • Secretary (November 8, 2017—present)
  • Vice-Chair (March 2018–???? 2019)