John Lockamy

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John Lockamy
CO John Lockamy 2023.jpg
Membership Director
Libertarian Party of Colorado
April 2, 2023—present
Successor: Current
Personal Details
Residence: Colorado
Party: Libertarian
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John moved to Colorado in 2018 after leaving active duty service in the US Navy, he continued to serve in the Navy Reserves as a Corpsman until 2022. After seeing the Afghanistan withdraw and being threatened with administrative separation for refusing to receive the Covid vaccination he separated from the navy ending his 9-year career. He currently works as an insurance broker; runs an online marketplace with a friend; dabbles in engineering projects; experiments with ways to make simple things complicated; enjoys cigars and whiskey with his friends, while contemplating the future of society as our rapid technological growth continues.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of Colorado
  • Membership Director (April 2, 2023 to present)