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Interlibertarians (International Libertarians, or IL) is a non-profit, political international and transnational organisation formed in February 2010 and it represents the pre-eminent network for libertarian political parties and free market associations, for the strengthening of libertarian actions around the world.

Members are classic liberal and free market libertarian political parties, movements and cultural Austrian School associations around the world.

Its headquarters is in Lugano, Switzerland.


The organisation was founded in February 2010[1], by the Movimento Libertario and Swiss free market party I Liberisti ticinesi [1].[2]

The organisation started officially at the first Interlibertarians Conference in Lugano on April 2-3, 2011.[3][4][5]

The IL have 43 members among full (35) and associates (14) in 31 Countries.

Interlibertarians organisation want to become the international subject of reference for libertarian and classic liberals movements-parties and for all free market associations in the world for the strengthening of libertarian actions around the world.

The Libertarian Proclamation Acceptance describes the basic political principles of Interlibertarians.[6]

Libertarian proclamation acceptance

Each Interlibertarians adhering member is committed to respect the following principles[6]:

  1. Each individual is the sole owner of his own body;
  2. Each individual is the sole owner of the fruits of his own labor;
  3. Exclusive possession of his own body and the fruits of his own work is defined as private property;
  4. The private property of an individual can not be violated, in whole or in part, by any other individual or groups of individuals however organized;
  5. An individual is free when his private property, as defined in section 3 is not, in whole or in part, violated against his will, otherwise he is, in whole or in part, a servant;
  6. Every free individual has the right to choose what to do with his own bodies and the fruits of his own labour;
  7. In exercising this right the free individual must not violate the private property of others, as defined in point 3;
  8. No rights enshrined coercively through the breach, in whole or in part, of the private property, may in any way and under no circumstances be regarded as a right;
  9. From the peremptory affirmation of the inviolability of the private property derive a number of practical consequences in the exercise of individual freedom, such as: the freedom to help on a purely voluntary base one's neighbor, religious freedom, sexual freedom, the freedom to choose and pay only for goods and services that best meet oneself needs, the freedom to make money transactions in the chosen currency in a free currency market finally excluded from the monopoly of central banks, the freedom to exchange with anyone you want without customs duties the fruits of one’s own labor, the freedom to choose how to provide for oneself physical safety and to whom to entrust the administration of civil and criminal justice;

The aims of Interlibertarians organisation are[7]:

  • defence of private property from attacks by ruling statism run by both right- and left-wing constructivists;
  • defence of freedom of entrepreneurship against over-regulations which imprison human talents;
  • defence of tax competition in favour of a future society, once and for all free from taxes, founded on the grounds of subsidiarity, the voluntary sector, free association, responsibility and civic concord;
  • defence of the value of saving against the central banking monopoly;
  • defence of freedom of education as to make our children free from institutional serfdom inculcated by state school;
Interlibertarians annual conference

Each year in Lugano (Switzerland), IL organisation create the Interlibertarians Conference, a free event that allows to participants to[7]:

  • Explain the initiatives undertaken in their respective own countries with the promotion of libertarian philosophy and free market proposals for the achievement of the above mentioned fundamental goals;
  • Meet and exchange experiences with others libertarians, create a platform for exchange and communication between libertarians and free market organisations in the world;
  • Discuss and agree the implementation of practical common actions, on worldwide level for the creation of a network for the communication of libertarians ideas and non-violent actions;

The first IL Conference event was organised on April 2-3, 2011 at Palazzo dei Congressi[8][9][10], with many messages of greeting[11][12], hosts international relators[13][14] and interesting arguments to debated[15][16] (for example the purpose of golden swiss franch[17], free market solution about the choice of school education[18], the abolition of withholding tax[19] and the free market of sound money[20]).

The success of this event[21][22] allowed the subsequent creation of the first beta version of the website of IL[23] and the implementation of the goals decided during the conference for the grow of the organisation.[24][25][26]

After problems that have caused the necessity for the organisers to cancel and move the event of March 2012, the second Conference was held at the Conference room of the City of Lugano-Paradiso (Switzerland) on 24 and 25 November 2012. [27][28]. [29]. The main theme of the conference is: 'Libertarians in the political arena: How can libertarians gather consensus to influence or change the existing state institutions?' [30] The third Conference will be held at the Conference room of the City of Lugano-Paradiso (Switzerland) on November 30th, 2013. The main theme of the conference is: 'Which Democracy?'. Frank Karsten, co-author of the book Beyond Democracy, will be presence as guest speaker of the event.

Interlibertarians conference
Political Parties

Interlibertarians has working relationships or friendships with the following parties:

Country Name Associated status member Officially Member of Interlibertarians (International Libertarians) Government Notes
Argentina Partido Liberal Libertario yes Officially registered no
Australia Liberal Democratic Party yes Officially registered no
Belgium Parti Libertarien yes Not Officially registered yet no
Brazil Libertàrios yes Officially registered no
Canada Libertarian Party yes Officially registered no
Ontario Libertarian Party yes Officially registered no
Cyprus Liberal Democrats yes Officially registered no
Czech Republic Party of Free Citizens yes Officially registered no
Denmark Dansk Libertarisk Parti yes Officially registered no
Finland Liberaalit yes Not Officially registered yet no
France Parti libéral démocrate yes Not Officially registered yet no
Greece Fileleftheri Simmakhia yes Not Officially registered yet no
Germany Partei der Vernunft yes Officially registered no
Italy Movimento Libertario yes Officially registered no Founder of the Interlibertarians organisation
Forza Evasori yes Officially registered no
Liberi Comuni d'Italia yes Officially registered no
New Zealand Libertarianz yes Officially registered no
Netherlands Libertarische Partij yes Officially registered no
Norway Liberalistene yes Officially registered no
Russia Либертарианская Партия России yes Officially registered no
South Africa Libertarian Party of South Africa yes Officially registered no
Spain Partido de la Libertad Individual yes Officially registered no
Sweden Liberala Partiet yes Not Officially registered yet no
Switzerland I Liberisti ticinesi yes Officially registered no Founder of the Interlibertarians organisation
Turkey Liberal Demokrat Parti yes Not Officially registered yet no
Ukraine Лібертаріанський рух yes Officially registered no
United Kingdom Libertarian Party UK yes Officially registered no
United States U.S. Libertarian Party yes Officially registered no
Boston Tea Party yes Officially registered no Dissolved party
Uruguay Partido Liberal Libertario yes Officially registered no
Cooperating organisations
Libertarian think tanks and associations

Interlibertarians is also in contact with the following associations:


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