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"George Quillies" is the joke name created by David Cox for the libertarian porcupine mascot, inspired by longtime Libertarian Party member George Phillies.


On January 23, 1999, Jess Mears tweeted the following question: "Does the Libertarian porcupine have a name?" [1] David Cox responded: "George Quillies".

Subsequently, Jess Mears posted on her Facebook account: "David Cox recommends naming the LP porcupine 'George Quillies.'"

LNC Motion

Adopting the porcupine as the official mascot of the Libertarian Party was added to the agenda of the LNC Meeting 12-13 September 2020 by LNC Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos at the urging of then Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Chair Steve Scheetz.

David Cox asked various LNC members to officially name the mascot "George Quillies".

On September 13, 2020, At-Large LNC Member Valerie Sarwark introduced an amendment to the motion: "This is hilarious," Valerie Sarwark said. "Can I amend the motion to rename the porcupine 'George Quillies'?" Region 3 Representative Dustin Nanna seconded the amendment. After there was an objection, Valerie Sarwark withdrew her motion for time considerations. [2]