LNC Meeting 12-13 September 2020

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The Libertarian National Committee met 12-13 September 2020 in Minneapolis with Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman presiding and Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos taking minutes.


  • New chair Joe Bishop-Henchman's inaugural address with observation that the majority of the LNC were LGBT or female.
  • The porcupine was adopted for official use in context where the two legacy parties would use the elephant and the donkey.
  • Experimental "Chair's Advisory Committees" were established.
  • Meeting schedule and locations for rest of LNC term were established.
  • Style changes to bylaws and platform.
  • Appointed LNC members of Audit and Awards Committees.
  • Caryn Ann Harlos re-appointed as Chair of the Libertarian Party Historical Preservation Committee.



Guest Speaker



LNC Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos prepares an electronic notebook for reference- linked here.

Voting Records

LNC Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos maintains a spreadsheet tally of the voting records for the year which can be found here.

Reports presented at this meeting

  • Chair's Report
  • Vice-Chair's Report
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Secretary's Report
  • CRM Presentation
  • Staff Reports
  • Region 1 Report
  • Region 2 Report
  • Region 3 Report
  • Region 4 Report
  • Region 5 Report
  • Region 6 Report
  • Region 7 Report
  • Region 8 Report
  • APRC (no written report)
  • Awards Committee
  • Ballot Access Committee
  • Convention Overight Committee
  • Historical Preservation Committee Report
  • International Representative Report
  • Campus Organizing Report

(Unless otherwise noted, copies of these reports may be found attached to the meeting minutes.)

Video Files

Day One
Day Two

Secretary's Audio Files

Day One
Day Two