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Downsize DC is an organization which aims to limit the size of government in America through awareness and petitioning government. It's split into two organizations, the Downsize DC Foundation and, for tax purposes. Contributions to are not deductible for income tax purposes. Contributions to the Downsize DC Foundation can be tax-deductible if you itemize.

The information in this article appears to be out of date as of 2007-09-07

The Aim

The Downsize DC Foundation a non-partisan, non-profit educational foundation. It does not participate in political campaigns, and does not support, endorse, or oppose candidates for public office. Its aim is to show the positive side that Liberty has to offer. It illustrates the successes of the free market and human innovation, and how Liberty makes all of our lives better.


The President of Downsize DC is Jim Babka, and former Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Harry Browne is the Director of Public Policy. Other co-founders include Steve Dasbach and Perry Willis.


Downsize is currently focusing on a number of bills before Congress, as well as promoting one that it drafted, called the Read the Bills Act of 2005. This bill, if passed, would effectively make sure that:

  • Congress must read every bill before they vote on it
  • Congress must wait at least 7 days to vote on a bill after they've read it
  • Congress must give the public 7-days-notice of when a vote will be held, and post each bill on the Internet for public review 7 days before the vote


Downsize has supported:

It has opposed:

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