Document:New York Suffolk County Press Release 22 May 2018 Suffolk County Chapter of Libertarian Party to Hold Annual Convention June 3rd

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Suffolk County Libertarian Party

"Making Suffolk Grow By Reducing Government" [1]




Contact: Michael McDermott Chair, Suffolk County LP

(631)-358-1931 CHAIR@LPSC.LI


SUFFOLK COUNTY, NEW YORK, MAY 22ND, 1018 - The Suffolk County Chapter of the Libertarian Party of New York is announcing their annual nominating convention and officer elections on June 3rd, 2018 from 1-5PM at Lily Flanagans in Babylon.

There will be a business meeting to elect new officers, and afterward, lunch and speakers. Lunch is $30, however, the event itself is free to the public and the media. There will be a cash bar as well.

The speakers will include members of the Libertarian Party of New York's officially nominated gubernatorial race candidates, including the State Attorney General nominee, Christopher Garvey.

Each year, the Suffolk Chapter nominates and endorses local, state and national candidates for office. Last election cycle, over 40 candidates were vetted and nominated by the SCLP, and several petitioned successfully, and appeared on the ballots in Suffolk.

For 2018, the Libertarian Party of New York nominated Larry Sharpe ( [2]) as the candidate for Governor of New York, Andrew Hollister for Lieutenant Governor, [[[Christopher Garvey]] for State Attorney General, and Cruger Gallaudet for Comptroller.

The Libertarian Party of New York is an independent party, which can achieve ballot access status by receiving 50,000 votes or more in the gubernatorial election. That, however, is not their goal. Larry and his team are determined to change the leadership of the state, and lift New York from the bottom of every business-related poll and put us back to the top, and remove the crushing burden of fees, taxes, and regulations levied on the people and businesses of New York. The goal is to win the Governor's race, and change New York's politics forever.