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Hey Libertarian

I've got a few videos for you to watch.

First -- did you catch Chair Nicholas Sarwark on Morning Joe? Click that link! No login required. It's a great representation of Libertarian political thought applied to modern political issues, and it was widely noticed.

Next, there have been two LP Presidential debates that have been taped. The New Hampshire debate was last weekend, and I was privileged to moderate it. It was superb. When the video from that becomes available, I'll let you know.

In November there was a debate hosted by the South Carolina Libertarian Party and organized by Stewart Flood, the chair at the time. That video is on Youtube. Post production work was done by 3L. Make sure to watch all the way through the credits at the end of the video!

And now I've got a favor to ask. Please PLEASE consider attending your state convention. Information on your state convention is on the your state's webpage, which you can find here: []

We are selecting delegates at these conventions to go to Austin and select our Presidential candidate. Your vote will select the delegates and who knows? You might BE a delegate!

And attending a national convention is among the most joyous things we can do as Libertarians! We all gather and we remember that united, we are the only political wing of the broader liberty movement. And as we gather to select our message bearer on the largest stage we reaffirm the basic ideas that David Nolan laid out in "The Essence of Liberty"

I'll close with my favorite two paragraphs from that essay (but I'd encourage you to reread it all!!!)


First and foremost, libertarians believe in the principle of self-ownership. You own your own body and mind; no external power has the right to force you into the service of "society" or "mankind" or any other individual or group for any purpose, however noble. Slavery is wrong, period.

Because you own yourself, you are responsible for your own well-being. Others are not obligated to feed you, clothe you, or provide you with health care. Most of us choose to help one another voluntarily, for a variety of reasons -- and that's as it should be -- but "forced compassion" is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms.

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Daniel Fishman

Executive Director of the Libertarian Party



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