Document:Libertarian Party Mises Caucus Email 26 May 2020 So what did you do last weekend?

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Dear members and friends of the Mises Caucus,

What a weekend!

First of all, we’d like to congratulate Jo Jorgensen on her nomination as the LP’s candidate for president. Though the Mises Caucus obviously preferred Jacob Hornberger—who we’d like to thank for running a great campaign—we are confident that Jorgensen will represent the Libertarian Party and its philosophy well out on the campaign trail, and she has our full support.

We did succeed in swinging the vice presidential race to our endorsed candidate, Spike Cohen, who had impressed us over the last few weeks as a first-rate communicator who is consistently able to espouse the strongest possible libertarian message while not turning off people who don’t quite agree with that message yet.

Also, we helped ensure that the rest of the Libertarian National Convention will take place in person in Orlando, Florida from July 8 through July 12. Not only is an in-person convention required by LP bylaws, having a physical meeting is the best way to ensure that officer elections and other party business can be done efficiently while protecting the rights of each delegate to fully participate in debate—something that’s extremely difficult to do in an online Zoom meeting.

Having help save the Orlando convention, we still need as many Mises Caucus delegates as possible to join us there—because the Libertarian Party belongs to those who show up and do the work. As was our plan for Austin, we will be providing subsidized Airbnb accommodations to those who can’t quite make it on their own. Those already signed up for Austin Airbnbs will be given preference for spots in Orlando, but we anticipate being able to help some more people, so watch these emails for information on how to apply for help for Orlando.

Finally, all delegates from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont should watch their email inboxes this weekend for the ballot for Region 8 representative to the Libertarian National Committee. Mises PAC treasurer Rich Bowen is running for this spot and is, of course, fully endorsed by the Mises Caucus.

Thanks again for everyone’s hard work this weekend—let’s make sure we follow through in Orlando and #BreakTheCycle by electing strong, principled candidates to the LNC, starting with Joshua Smith for chair.

In Liberty,

Michael Heise