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Campaign News

The Hospers-Nathan campaign moved into high gear in September. Thanks to considerable coverage in the libertarian press (notably Reason magazine), campaign contributions rose from a total of less than $1000 to over $3500 -- thus making it possible to arrange for cross-country tours by Dr. Hospers and Mrs. Nathan.

Dr. Hospers' tour was finalized in late August; no sooner had the plane reservation been made, than National HQ received a phone call from the National Education Television Network, asking whether Dr. Hospers could appear on a program devoted to minor-party candidates; of the 18 they knew of, they were inviting six.

It developed that the program was only a 30-minute show, so, after much consultation with the chairmen int he states where Dr. Hospers was scheduled to appear, it was decided not to re-schedule the whole tour for a five-minute shot. Nonetheless, NEAT taped a brief interview with Dr. Hospers, which was included in the program, aired September 6th.

That same day, Dr. Hospers left Los Angeles, and spent the next nine days visiting nine cities. In the course of the tour, he was interviewed by nearly 20 radio nd TV stations (for a total of several hours hit time), was written up in over a dozen newspapers, to the tune of hundreds of column-inches. The combined circulation of the various papers is over 10 million.

The unanimous opinion of the LP leaders in the states covered by the tour was that was a tremendous "shot in the arm" for the libertarian movement in each state; over 1,000 people turned out t0 hear Hospers speak, and many of the them subsequently indicated an intention to support the LP, both by action and by financial contributions.

In several cities, Dr. Hospers' schedule happened to bring him to town within 24e hours of other candidates (notably McGovern and Schmitz). Thus the news media often made use of this fact to contrast libertarian views with those of liberals and conservatives. In general, reportage was fair, the only conspicuous exception being that of the Boston Globe, widely-known as the most ultra-liberal paper in the country.[1].

In Boston all was not a disaster, however. The New Right Coalition (800 members) formally endorsed the Hospers-Nathan ticket, and many NRC representatives were on hand to greet their chosen candidate. NRC is the first national organization other than the LP itself to openly and officially endorse our ticket.

During this same period, VP candidate Tonie Nathan has also been active. In addition to working actively with the Oregon LP, she went to Chicago to join Dr. Hospers for his stop there while on tour, and provided the Illinois LP with considerable expert assistance. Over 250 turned out to hear the two candidates speak in Chicago.

Following her trip to Chicago, Tonie went to Washington, and helped state chairman Skip Barron get things going; over 70 people turned out for an organizational meeting, and it appears that the Hospers-Nathan ticket will be on the ballot there. Other states where it looks good for ballot listing are Alaska, Colorado, Louisiana, and New Hampshire.

In early October, Tonie will be making a tour of five to seven states. A report on this tour, and on our attempts to get on the ballot, will be in next month's issue.

Focus on Campus Action

Since the LP has a higher proportion of students among its membership (30%) than any other political party, it is to our advantage to concentrate heavily on campus election in the six weeks remaining until Election Day.

Between now and November 7, virtually every college and university in the United States will have programs and activities which relate to the elections in some manner. And we can do a great deal to heighten awareness of the LP, its candidates, and the libertarian philosophy in general by participating. Possibilities for specific action include the following:

1) INFORMATION BOOTHS. On most campuses, there will be opportunities to set up a booth or table in some designated area, to hand out political literature. Don't let the Republicans, Democrats and Socialists go unchallenged! Set up an LP booth, and hand out or sell libertarian material. You can produce your own, or order from National. We particularly recommend the new campaign brochure (sample enclosed (info)), the Platform, Dr. Hospers' Libertarianism, and the Hospers-Nathan buttons (info).

2) COLLEGE-SPONSORED EXHIBITS. Many colleges set up a "political awareness" exhibit, featuring literature from different sources, where students can browse. Such exhibits are usually in the library, or the poli-sci department. Make sure LP material is included!

3) SCHOOL NEWSPAPERS. If your college paper (and/or local "underground" paper) carry political news and commentary, submit articles on the LP and its candidates. You may even be able to locate a friendly columnist ... or better still, get the paper to carry a column by an LP representative. If they give the YR's and YD's columns to tout their boys (as many papers do), demand equal space. You may not get it, but there's no harm trying.

4) RADIO STATIONS. Make sure that an LP representative is included on any "debate" or "discussion" programs aired by your college radio station. If necessary, form a tactical alliance with any other minority party groups on campus to get equal time with the Denis and GOP.

5) SPEAKERS' PROGRAMS. Most colleges sponsor a weekly or bi-weekly series of lectures, and, in election years have speakers representing different political viewpoints. Demand to have at least one libertarian included. This can be a candidate, the state LP chairman, or any libertarian of prominence. These lecture series are usually expenses-paid deals, so don't pass up this possibility!

6) MOCK ELECTIONS. This is the most fun of all. If your school is having a mock election, go all-out on getting as many votes as you can for the Hospers-Nathan ticket. Fight to have them listed on the ballot ... and be sure that an LP representative is on hand when the ballots are counted. If you do everything described in the five areas listed above,it's not outside the realm of possibility that the Hospers-Nathan ticket could come in second, on some campuses, and a showing of 15%-20% is certainly attainable. If you do well, notify the local papers and the national wire services immediately; college mock-election results are often widely publicized.



Eight years ago, when I was an ardent supporter of Barry Goldwater, I would have found it almost impossible to imagine The Hero doing what he in Miami six weeks ago ... i.e. standing up in front of millions of Americans, and vomiting forth praise for a man who has betrayed everything Goldwater ever claimed to have believed in.

Perhaps I was naive, back in '64 (Hell, I was only 20 years old), but I still find the GOP's utter acquiescence to the politics of pragmatism almost unbelievable. Nonetheless, in case anyone was still wondering, the Robot Parade in Miami provided proof positive that the GOP has abandoned even the slightest pretense of standing for an identifiable principles at all. Now, the only thing the GOP stands for is Richard Nixon... and Nixon is the ultimate pragmatist, the perfectly amoral man.

Whether this makes him worse than McGovern is a moot point. McGovern, it appears, has some principles; unfortunately, they're all dead wrong. While Nixon is simply "The President," whose campaign is apparently going to be based on two facts... one, that he isn't McGovern and two, that he is a "capable administrator." This latter point, of course, is highly debat- able. The difference between the two men, in effect, is only that between poisoning and suffocation.

The current state of the GOP should serve as an object lesson to all students of politics. For it shows what happens when one tries to operate in a moral vacuum, allowing one's positions to be determined solely by the canceling-out of external forces. One arrives at a floating null- point, bobbing on the tides of public opinion like a cork in a dishpan. Left minus Right equals zero.

Now, quite possibly, having drifted aimlessly to the "center" of the almost meaningless left- right political spectrum we have in America today, the GOP will pre-empt the Democrats as the majority party, at least for a while. But in doing so, it creates a vacuum, leaving homeless all who seek a party that stands for something more than self-perpetuation.

This is the vacuum that we, and we alone, can and will fill. And while the GOP will undoubtedly live on for many years, lurching from election to election like a lobotomized ape, it is in effect already dead ... a zombie, which will continue to function only as long as its existing momentum can propel it down the track. For he who buries his principles buries himself.




Enclosed with this Newsletter is a sample of our new cainpaign/recruiting brochure. Over 7,000 of these have already been distributed, but we should get out a minimum of 50,000. The back panel has been left blank for state and local LP groups to add their own info. Order from National, or reproduce locally.


On the back of your Order Form this month, there is a survey concerning the National LP dues structure. We want your opinion on this, so be sure to return your form. Order a few dollars worth of goodies, while you're at it.


A new bookstore specializing in libertarian material has opened in El Monte, California, and is serving as an LP information center. In addition to carrying books for sale, the store also operates a lending library, and would appreciate anyone lending or donating Objectivist-oriented material for inclusion therein. One of the store's specialties is literature on Montessori educational ideas and practices. The address is 4243 Tyler Ave. El Monte CA 91731 (near the Santa Anita exit on the San Berdardino Freeway).


Anyone who brings in one regular or two student members between now and November 1 will receive a free copy of Where The Money Went, the valuable expose of bureaucratic wastefulness by Willis E. Stone. Those who bring in one sustaining member, two regulars, or three students will receive a copy of the paperback edition of Dr. Hospers' Libertarianism. Five student members or three regulars or two of each gets you both books. You may not count your own membership.


Enclosed is a copy of the latest Green Sheet (directory of LP officers). One more change that just came in: California Chairman is now Alan Coon, 1290 Bayshore Drive, Burligame CA 94010.


Utah LP Chairman Karl Bray has published a valuable 24-page guide to Tax Rebellion entitled Taxation and Tyranny. $1 from Tax Rebels of America, PO Box 856, Provo, Utah 8460I. And Ken LaFave in Arizona will soon release an LP record of his own compositions. Price will be $5; for details, send him a self-addressed envelope, at 2443 N. Columbus, Tucson AZ 85712.


New Hampshire LP Chairman Art Ketchen is in the process of painting a portrait of Dr. Hospers, which he hopes to sell reproduction rights to some publisher to raise funds for the New Hampshire party. Anyone interested in buying the original, contact Arthur (address on Green Sheet).


There have been many excellent writeups on our June convention, but three which might be of more than average interest to LP members are those in the September issue of Reason ($1.25 from Reason, PO Box 6151, Santa Barbara CA 93111), The Fire Bringer (500 from Fire Bringer, Box 4749, Colorado Springs CO 80909) and The New Banner (350 from Box 1972, Columbia, SC 29202).


On the back page of this month's issue is a mini-poster (info) promoting the Hospers-Nathan ticket, which is suitable for framing, patching holes in the plaster, and mainly reproducing for use wherever applicable. Being a simple design, it can be enlarged considerably without falling apart.


LP organizations now exist in 26 states. Total membership is estimated at just under 1,500. Starting next month, we will have much closer estimates on membership than we have had in the past, as each state chairman is being asked to file a detailed Monthly Progress Report. This coming month should be a good one, in terms of growth, as student memberships should increase by at least 300, and we have contracted for a mailing to 7,000 libertarians (if you get one of these, pass it on to someone else). We now project 2,000+ members by Election Day, and 2,500 by year end.


Since preparing our "roundup" of nine state and local libertarian candidates in the last Newsletter, we have learned of three others.

State LP Chairman Pasquale Giordano is running for US Senate in Georgia, as a write-in candidate. His main purpose is to generate public awareness of the LP, to locate new LP members. A strong tie-in is being made with the Hospers-Nathan campaign.

In the state of Washington, LP members are attempting to get David Odden on the ballot as the LP candidate for State Legislature in the 36th District. David can be contacted at 2506 Warren N., Seattle, WA 98109.

And in California, LP member Mike Timko is running for Congress in the 26th District, on the Peace & Freedom ticket. His campaign stresses support for the marijuana-decriminalization referendum which is on the ballot in Calif, this year, an emphasis on civil-liberties issues, and a call for a non-interventionist foreign policy, with specific support for ending the war in IndoChina. Contact Mike at 11444 Olympic Blvd. #96, Los Angeles, CA 90064.

  1. It is believed this is referring to this article (info) dated September 12, 1972 from The Boston Globe