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The New Right Coalition was founded in January, 1971 by eight disgruntled members of Young Americans for Freedom. It was based in Boston, Massachusetts, and especially around Harvard University. It claimed 800 nationwide members by the end of 1972. The group was notable for pursuing a very high level of activism. Its members appeared on talk shows and held several lively demonstrations, but it was most known for placing numerous posters in the Boston area. The posters made statements such as "Wanted for Murder - Karl Marx", "IRS - Your Money and Your Life", and a depiction of Richard Nixon and George McGovern both appearing on the Socialist ticket for President.[1]

In September, 1972, the New Right Coalition became the first national organization, other than the Libertarian Party itself, to endorse John Hospers for President.[2]

The group disbanded shortly after the 1972 election.[3]