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Office of the Executive Director
11966 Moorpark St., #1
Studio City, CA 91604-1720
For release: May 7, 1998
For additional information:
Juan Ros, Executive Director
Phone: (818) 980-8833

Libertarian Party of California Hires Executive Director

LOS ANGELES -- The Libertarian Party of California - in a sign of its surging growth and political influence - has hired San Fernando Valley activist Juan Ros as its Executive Director, State Chair Mark Hinkle announced today. Ros becomes the first full-time employee for the Libertarian Party of California since the 1980s.

"This is a great day for Libertarians and an equally great day for the voters of California," enthused Hinkle. "The Libertarian Party is at all-time high membership levels and continues to grow at a dramatic pace. Hiring Juan Ros is a sign that our Party has reached a new level of maturity."

Ros was equally enthusiastic about his new position. "I am excited about the prospect of working on behalf of California Libertarians. This is a watershed day in Golden State politics."

Responsibilities of the Executive Director include media outreach, testifying at legislative hearings in Sacramento, developing fundraising efforts, coordinating local campaigns, and planning special events.

Ros admits he has his work cut out for him: "I know this isn't going to be an easy job, but I look forward to the challenges ahead and I will serve the Libertarian Party of California to the best of my ability."

Ros's main goal as Executive Director: to help elect Libertarians to office at the local and state levels. "The Libertarian Party is the fastest-growing third party in the United States," said Ros. "Voters are increasingly turning away from the Democrats and Republicans because they realize the old two-party system has failed them. As more voters embrace the Libertarian Party and our membership grows, we will see Libertarians elected to City Councils and County Supervisory Boards, as well as to the State Legislature."

Ros graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in film and has worked in the entertainment industry for the past 10 years. Most recently he served as Chair of the Libertarian Party of the San Fernando Valley and Media Chair of the Libertarian Party of California's 1998 State Convention.

The Libertarian Party of California was founded in 1972 and achieved ballot status in 1980. This year, a record 95 Libertarian candidates are seeking federal and state office in California.