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Dave Nalle
Personal Details
Birth: (1959-03-19) March 19, 1959 (age 64)
Party: Libertarian Party

Dave Nalle (born March 19, 1959) is a software publisher, libertarian activist and widely published writer on political issues from a moderate libertarian perspective.


Dave Nalle was born in 1959 in Beirut, Lebanon while his parents were serving in the diplomatic service. His early childhood was spent all over the Middle East in countries like Syria, Iran and Jordan. When he was 6 his family returned for two tours of duty in Washington DC before being sent abroad again. During his early teens they lived in England and ultimately in the Soviet Union. He was educated at American and British schools overseas, eventually completing high school at St. Albans School in Washington DC. From there he went to Franklin and Marshall College where he earned degrees in English and History. He earned graduate degrees at the University of Texas.

Libertarian Activism

He founded a chapter of Students for a Libertarian Society and was the Pennsylvania state coordinator of Students for Clark during the 1980 presidential campaign. He then worked for the SLS as Publications Director and editor of Liberty magazine. In 2002 he ran for State Representative in Texas as a Libertarian. He is on the board of the Republican Liberty Caucus which promotes libertarianism within the Republican Party.


He has written hundreds of articles on libertarian politics and politics in general from a libertarian perspective in both print media and online since the 1970s. He currently writes for blogcritics.org where he is the politics editor and for other libertarian web publications. His vocal criticism of the Ron Paul movement has attracted national attention.

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