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Dan Lewis
Libertarian Party of Chicago
January 4, 2022—
Outreach Director
Outright USA
August 4, 2022—
Personal Details
Education: Northern Illinois University
Occupation: Flight Attendant
Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Party: Libertarian
Facebook: Facebook
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Dan Lewis is the vice-chair of the Libertarian Party of Chicago.

Libertarian Background

Dan entered the Libertarian Party as a supporter of Vermin Supreme. He has since volunteered for several winning Libertarian candidates, including the 2020 Sasha Cohen and 2021 Ashley Shade campaigns. Dan is also the Outreach Chair and Endorsements Chair for the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus as well as Outreach Director for Outright USA, and is also reigning Intercontinental Champion of the Professional Wrestling Caucus.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian National Committee
  • Illinois Delegate (2022)
Libertarian Party of Illinois
  • State Central Committee (District 3)
Libertarian Party of Chicago and Cook County Central Committee
  • At-large (2021-)(Cook County)
  • Vice-Chair (2022-)(Chicago)
Outright USA
  • Outreach Director (2022-)