Bylaws and Rules Committee (2016)

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The Bylaws and Rules Committee recommends bylaw amendments and convention rule amendments to the assembled delegates during national conventions. Those amendments are then debated and voted on by the delegates.


Sam Goldstein, Joshua Katz, Alicia Mattson, Rich Tomasso, and Dan Wiener were LNC members (up to 5 committee members may be LNC members).

M Carling was elected chair of the committee and Joshua Katz was elected secretary.


  • November 15, 2015 (Orlando, FL)[1]
  • May 26, 2016 (Columbus, OH)[2]


2016 Bylaws and Rules Committee report[3]

  • Remove Unnecessary Article 2: Period of Duration
  • Eliminate Non-Regular Conventions from Bylaws
  • Delete Redundant Article 12.6.c
  • Verification of Delegation Vote Totals
  • Define in Advance the Party’s Agreement with Presidential Campaign
  • Clarify the Role and Composition of the Audit Committee
  • Re-Authorize LNC Establishment of Dues with a Two-Thirds Vote
  • Elect Officers at Mid-Term Conventions
  • Establish a Party Mission Statement
  • Protect Party Name Rights for Affiliates
  • Remove Redundant Quorum Language
  • Elevate Style Changes from Rule to Bylaw
  • Make Elected Libertarians Automatic Delegates at Convention
  • Delete Redundant and Confusing Article 12.6.a
  • Amend Platform Only During Presidential Nominating Conventions
  • Add Alternative Certification Language for Membership
  • Require National Delegates be Party Members
  • Nominate Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates as a Ticket
  • Modify Quorum Requirements
  • Require Audit Committee to Report to Convention Delegates
  • Deliberations of Judicial Committee


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  2. Bylaws and Rules Committee meeting minutes (May 26, 2016) -- minutes not available, but no changes were made to the report previously adopted
  3. Bylaws and Rules Committee report