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File:Con Harroff.pdf is a very interesting document from the standpoint of the history of the 1972 radical caucus. Multiple people are identified as part of the radical caucus, endorsing Roger MacBride, and only one of the four is listed as a former caucus member.

Q: Are SEK3's reports of the caucus' 1974 dissolution in error?

Q: How long did it continue if it continued past 1974?

Q: What viewpoints existed within the caucus that differed from SEK3's and which may have continued after his departure?

Q: Could there in fact be some connection between the 1972 caucus and the 1979 caucus, despite how dramatically different SEK3's views were from those of the 1979 and 2006 caucuses?

-- Strangelv (talk) 19:26, 23 August 2018 (CDT)