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At-Large Representative
Libertarian National Committee
Personal Details
Occupation: companion (erotic service provider)
Residence: California
Party: Libertarian Party
Twitter: Twitter
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Starchild served as one of the five At-Large Representatives on the Libertarian National Committee from 2012 to 2014, and from 2016 to 2018.

LNC Record

A vocal advocate for transparency and bottom-up governance, Starchild unilaterally opened the LNC email list to public viewing during his first term, a change which was subsequently made official and incorporated into the party's bylaws.

He has supported a radical approach to Libertarian Party messaging, as well as a radical restructuring of current party governance and operations.


Starchild has run for public office six times during his career as a libertarian activist, including four times for non-partisan office (twice for school board and twice for county supervisor), and twice (as a Libertarian) for California State Assembly. He has written numerous arguments published in the San Francisco Voters Handbook against various measures on the ballot, both under his own name and on behalf of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Organizational Positions

Besides his positions on the LNC, Starchild has served as a Libertarian Party of San Francisco county chair, local outreach director, and on the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of California, as well as on the California and national Platform Committees.


Starchild is well-known in the Libertarian Party for his costumery and flamboyant personal style at party conventions, as well as being a fixture in LP party politics. He has been interviewed, had articles published in, and been quoted or mentioned by, dozens of media outlets, including among others:

• Reason

• Wall Street Journal

• New York Times

• Washington Post

• San Francisco Chronicle

• San Francisco Examiner

• Bay Area Reporter

• San Jose Mercury News



• Fox News

• BuzzFeed

• Politico

• National Review

• Independent Political Report