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Rebecca Lau
Manhattan Libertarian Party
June 18, 2021—present
Predecessor: Ilya Schwartzburg
Successor: Incumbent
Manhattan Libertarian Party
September 11, 2019—2021
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Jason Clifton
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party

Rebecca Lau is a Libertarian Party activist. She is the current Chair of the Manhattan Libertarian Party. Previously, she serves as Vice-Chair and Media Director. She was also an At-Large member of the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of California.


Lau was involved in the Libertarian Party of California, in which she served as an At-Large Member of the Executive Committee as well as the Vice-Chair (2018) and Treasurer (2019) of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco. She moved to New York City and became the Media Director for the Manhattan Libertarian Party in 2019, and then served as Vice-Chair (2019-2021), before becoming Chair in 2021.

Political Campaigns

Organizational Positions

Manhattan Libertarian Party
  • Chair (June 18, 2021—present)
  • Vice-Chair (September 11, 2019—June 18, 2021)
  • Media Director (April 9, 2019—present)
Libertarian Party of San Francisco
  • Treasurer (2019)
  • Vice-Chair (2018)
Libertarian Party of California
  • Executive Committee At-Large (2018-present)