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Carl Martin "Marty" Swinney
Marty Swinney.jpg
Libertarian Party of New Mexico
2015—February 2017
Predecessor: Mike Blessing
Successor: Elizabeth Honce
Personal Details
Birth: August 11, 1947
Artesia, CA
Death: May 4, 2022(2022-05-04) (aged 74)
Residence: Carrizozo, New Mexico
Party: Libertarian Party
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Carl "Marty" Swinney (August 11, 1947 — May 4, 2022) was a Libertarian activist in Carrizozo, New Mexico. He joined the Libertarian Party in the 1970s and was a founding member of the Libertarian Party of California. In California, he ran for multiple offices and made the ballot nine times. Sometime in the 2010s, Swinney moved to New Mexico and was elected Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico in 2015. He served as Chair until February 2017 when he resigned due to health concerns.

Organizational Positions

Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County
  • Vice-Chair 1978-1980
  • Chair 1980-1984
Libertarian Party of New Mexico
  • Chair 2015-2017

Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County

Swinney held significant positions within the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County, showcasing his commitment to the party's principles and objectives.

  • Vice-Chair (1978-1980)
  • Chair (1980-1984)

Libertarian Party of New Mexico

During his time in New Mexico, Swinney actively participated in the Libertarian Party of New Mexico. His dedication to the party's cause was acknowledged when he assumed the position of Chair from 2015 to 2017.

Challenges of Third Party Candidates in New Mexico

As the Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico, Swinney acknowledged the difficulties faced by third-party candidates in the state. The daunting requirement of gathering numerous signatures to appear on the ballot posed a significant obstacle for both third-party and independent candidates.

Efforts to Strengthen the Libertarian Party

Swinney recognized the importance of building strong and lasting relationships with voters to ensure continued support for the Libertarian Party. He aimed to prevent potential voters from reverting to the two major parties out of necessity when prominent candidates were not on the ballot.

Political Involvement

Beyond his organizational roles, Carl Martin Swinney's political involvement spanned several areas:

  • Founding Member, Los Angeles Libertarian Party (1974)
  • Member, Los Angeles Libertarian Party (1980-?)
  • Member, Marijuana Policy Project (2006)
  • Early Primary Candidate for AD-51 Special Election (2009, Withdrew)


California State Representative, District 59

Year Candidate Votes Percentage
1980 Carl "Marty" Swinney 6,374 9.68%
1982 Carl "Marty" Swinney 2,420 3.22%

US Congress, California, District 34

Year Candidate Votes Percentage
1988 Carl "Marty" Swinney 2,686 1.84%
1992 Carl "Marty" Swinney 7,072 4.72%
1994 Carl "Marty" Swinney 4,921 4.19%

California State Senate, District 24

Year Candidate Votes Percentage
2001 Carl "Marty" Swinney 695 1.43%
2002 Carl "Marty" Swinney 2,741 2.47%

California State Representative, District 51

Year Candidate Votes Percentage
2006 Carl "Marty" Swinney 2,322 3.26%
2008 Carl "Marty" Swinney 5,563 4.46%

Preceded by:
Mike Blessing
Libertarian Party of New Mexico State Chair
2015 - Feb. 2017
Succeeded by:
Elizabeth Honce


Swinney's dedication to promoting libertarian principles and his contributions to the Libertarian Party have left a lasting impact on the movement. His legacy continues to inspire fellow activists and party members to uphold the values he championed.

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