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Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County
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General Information
Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County, California
Status: Active
Chair: Angela McArdle
Vice-Chair: Rachel Nyx
Secretary: David Bowers
Treasurer: Christopher Stare
Website: LA County LP Website
Twitter: Twitter

The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County (LPLAC) is a county organization of the Libertarian Party of California.


Los Angeles County is the largest county in the United States by population, with more than 10 million residents, and since the earliest days of the Libertarian Party there have been multiple local organizations within it organized geographically, such as:

  • San Fernando Valley
  • West Los Angeles
  • Pasadena/Glendale
  • Central/Hollywood
  • Southeast Los Angeles
  • South Bay
  • East San Gabriel Valley
  • Antelope Valley

Note that the City of Los Angeles is a distinct entity within Los Angeles County (cf. San Francisco, which is a combined City and County). The City of Los Angeles accounts for less than half the population of the county, and there are more than 80 other municipalities within the county.

Executive Committee

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Angela McArdle, chair
Rachel Nyx, vice-chair
Christopher Stare, treasurer
David Bowers, secretary
Dan Welby, San Fernando Valley (Region 61)
Aaron Bonn, West Los Angeles (Region 62)
Jill Pyeatt, Foothills (Region 63)
Shawn Osborne, Central Los Angeles (Region 64)
(vacant), Southeast Los Angeles (Region 65)
Jay Jones, South Bay (Region 66)
Ryan Lopez, East San Gabriel Valley (Region 67)
(vacant), Antelope Valley (Region 68)


Region Numbers

When the Libertarian Party of California was organized into numbered regions, various parts of Los Angeles County were treated as separate regions, with the same status as regions elsewhere in the state that covered one county or multiple counties. LPLAC served as an umbrella organization to coordinate these regions at the county level, but was not a region itself.

In the numbering system in which regions generally corresponded to counties, the regions within Los Angeles County were numbered as follows:

  • 61 - San Fernando Valley
  • 62 - West Los Angeles
  • 63 - Foothills/Pasadena
  • 64 - Central Los Angeles
  • 65 - Southeast Los Angeles
  • 66 - South Bay
  • 67 - East San Gabriel Valley
  • 68 - Antelope Valley


  • Not all of these regions existed for the entire time that this numbering system was in use.
  • As a county, Los Angeles would have had the number 19, but LPLAC was not itself a region at that time so that number was not used.

In the earlier 20-region numbering system, the numbers were as follows:

  • 11 - San Fernando Valley
  • 12 - West Los Angeles
  • 13 - San Gabriel Valley
  • 14 - Los Angeles
  • 15 - East Los Angeles
  • 16 - South Bay
  • 17 - Southeast Los Angeles

Past Officials, Staff, and Other Contacts

José Aguilar, Central Los Angeles regional representative (2006-2007), community political officer (2007-present)
Jack Anderson, Central Los Angeles regional chair (2003-2004?)
Arde V Atheian, Central Los Angeles regional representative (2007-?)
Greg Bashem, Antelope Valley regional chair (1999?-2001)
Mike Binkley, chair (2006-2007), vice-chair (2005-2006), West Los Angeles regional chair (1999?-2000)
Dave Bowers, secretary (2005-present), Southeast Los Angeles regional chair (1999?-2005)
Ed Bowers, San Fernando Valley regional chair/representative (2002?-present)
Richard Bronstein, San Fernando Valley regional alternate (2006-2007)
Ted Brown, Foothills regional chair/representative (2001-2006), Foothills regional alternate (2006-2007), judicial committee member (2007-?)
Audrey Carlan, South Bay regional chair (1999?-2004), judicial committee member (c. 2006)
José Castañeda, , Southeast Los Angeles regional representative (2007-?), judicial committee member (c. 2006)
Nate Craddock, Southeast Los Angeles regional alternate (2006-2007?), Central Los Angeles regional chair (2001-2002?)
Al Cuperus, East San Gabriel Valley regional chair (2002?-2003)
Bruce Dovner, chair (2008?-?), vice-chair (2007-2008?), judicial committee member (c. 2006)
Doc Ellis, Antelope Valley regional chair (2003), Antelope Valley regional alternate (2007-2008?)
Mike Everling, director of operations (2000-2002?)
Dan Fernandes, East San Gabriel Valley regional chair/representative (2003-?)
Eric Fine, West Los Angeles regional chair (2000-2002?)
Sarah Foster, judicial committee member (2007-2008?)
Jason Gonella, Antelope Valley regional chair/representative (2003-present)
Denni Gonzalez, newsletter editor (1999?-2000)
Nolayan Herdegen, chair (2003-2004?)
Jay Jones, South Bay regional representative (2006-present)
Dave Larkin, chair (2003?-2006), deputy chair (1999?-2001?), judicial committee member (2007-?)
Karl Lembke, database manager (2001-2002?), Foothills regional chair (2000-2001)
Murray Levy, chair (2007-2008?), Foothills regional representative (2006-2007)
Wayne Lusvardi, Foothills alternate representative (2005-2006?)
Kit Maira, director of communications (1999?-2007?), webmaster (1999?-2007?)
Pam Maltzman, secretary (2001?-2004)
Erich Miller, San Fernando Valley regional chair (1999?-2002?)
Deanna Peugeot, Antelope Valley regional chair (2001-2003)
Alan Pyeatt, Foothills regional representative (2008?-present)
Joel Rice, Foothills regional chair (1999?-2000)
Rodger Rosie, chair (1999?-2003), Southeast Los Angeles regional representative (2005-2007)
Dave Ruprecht, Foothills alternate representative (2005-2006?)
Grace Scharler, secretary (1999?-2001?)
Mark Selzer, vice-chair (2008?-?), Central Los Angeles regional chair (1999?-2001), Central Los Angeles regional alternate (2006-2007?)
Houman Shadab, Central Los Angeles regional chair/representative (2004-2006)
Daniel Sherman, South Bay regional chair/representative (2004-2006)
Thomas M. Sipos, vice-chair (2006-2007), director of communications (2007-present)
Jennille Smith, Central Los Angeles regional chair (2002?-2003)
Jill Stone, judicial committee member (2008?-?)
Richard Venable, newsletter editor (2000-?)
Thomas Verkuilen, Foothills regional representative (2007-2008?)
Bob Weber, West Los Angeles regional chair/representative (2002?-present), public information officer (1999?-2003?)
George White, East San Gabriel Valley regional chair (1999?-2002?)
David Wire, treasurer (1999?-present)

County Conventions

Year Date(s) Venue City
Los Angeles County Convention 2008 June 7 Shaker's Family Restaurant Glendale, CA

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