List of African-American Libertarians

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Doing justice to any list of notable libertarian figures such as this one requires adding the caveat that libertarianism is always a matter of degrees. Especially in the category of historical individuals, it will probably be the case that few of the individuals listed were anything close to consistent advocates or practitioners of the Non-Aggression Principle.

Even today, when abundant information detailing ideas refined over centuries is mere clicks away, and libertarian views no longer necessarily signify a painstaking effort of personal intellectual and/or social development but can be discovered pre-formed in the thoughts and writings of others, have any of us ever met a person who lived, thought, voted, and acted entirely in accordance with this or any particular worldview?

Prior to libertarianism evolving into a coherent and discoverable philosophy in the modern era, the presence of individuals who could fairly be described as consistent libertarians even in their political positions, let alone in their personal behavior, must have been extremely rare, just as the occurrence of a consistent ideological Marxist, say, or Keynesian, or democrat (small-d, i.e. a believer in democracy), would almost certainly have been equally rare prior to the writings of Marx and Keynes, or the historical development of democracy as a mode of governance.

This being acknowledged, it is worthwhile to recognize prominent living and historical persons whose lives and actions were or are on the whole supportive of individual liberty, and who appear from the available evidence to possess or have had more libertarian leanings than most of their contemporaries, in order to remember their legacies and contributions to humanity's ongoing journey toward an understanding of and commitment to freedom.

Notable historical African American libertarians

Notable modern African American libertarians

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