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Nickolas Wildstar
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Personal Details
Occupation: Musician, activist
Residence: California
Party: Republican
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Nickolas Wildstar (born July 26, 1981) is an American libertarian advocate and candidate. He was an independent candidate for the 2014 and endorsed libertarian candidate for the 2018 California Gubernatorial Election as well as the 2020 Fresno Mayoral Election and the 2018 Fullerton City Council. He was also one of the first candidates to declare his intention to run for Governor of California in the 2022 election (or the 2021 possible recall) as a Republican[1].

Early Life and Career

Nickolas Wildstar was born in Milwaukee WI and moved to California in 1999 when he was 17 to work in the music industry, including as a professional recording artist. He worked as a market specialist in Fullerton, Orange County, until 2019, when he relocated to Fresno to raise his family[2].

Wildstar has a son named Chancellor and a wife named Crystal[3].

Political Positions

Economic Issues

Nickolas Wildstar believes that the solution to poverty and corporate flight in California is by reducing the government's footprint in the economy. He plans to reduce taxes, eliminate business licensing fees, and end other programs that make it hard to do business in the state[4]. He claims this would lift mom and pop stores while also enticing major corporations to move to the state. Many of his economic plans are included in his Gold New Deal.

In light of the COVID-19 lockdowns, Wildstar has proposed the Phoenix Initiative. He promises to reopen the state quickly and suspend taxes to boost the economy.

Criminal Justice Reform

Wildstar calls for increasing accountability in law enforcement by providing better training and creating community-based policing organizations to respond to mental health crises. He believes this will help keep people out of jail, ease the homelessness problem, and allow people to get the treatment they need. In addition, he promises to cease enforcing "victimless crimes."


Beyond Wildstar's criminal justice reform policies that he claims will help with the problem of homelessness, he wants to open the problem up to NGO's and communities to provide a market and compassion-based solution that he claims the government can not deliver. However, he has proposed a policy of building tiny houses as a cost-effective way to give people help as well as heightened mental health and substance abuse programs.

COVID-19 Lockdowns

Wildstar believes that that adult should choose their level of risk and activity during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As such, he promises to open the state "quickly and responsibly." He also wants a repeal of AB-5. His COVID-19 policies are referred to as the Phoenix Initiative, which also includes a measure to boost economic growth in light of the lockdowns.

The Gold New Deal

The centerpiece of Wildstars policy proposals rests on the Gold New Deal, a four-part program to revitalize California, specifically economically. The first part, transportation, calls for repairing Californian roads quickly and efficiently. Building off of that, he wishes to modernize the state's infrastructure by completing projects such as high-speed rails and the hyper loop. He believes that this will boost the quality of life for Californians and make it a better state to do business in. Second, he wants California to become energy independent by investing in renewable resources. However, he also wants to boost competition in the sector by moving away from the Pg&E and Edison duopoly. Eventually, he sees a future in which free energy can be produced at low cost by a publicly owned utility that must compete with the private sector. Third, he seeks to assert the independence of California by setting up an independent state bank. Beyond making the state attractive to businesses, he believes that it would reduce crime by bringing dark money out of the shadows and allowing for a more transparent financial system. Last, he calls for the creation and preservation of parks in California in order to encourage community and beautify the state. As part of this project, he would set up community gardens to provide free food and bring agricultural education to the inner city.

2022 California Gubernatorial Campaign

Wildstar is one of the first candidates to declare his intention to run for Governor of California in 2022[5]. On July 14, 2020 he announced his campaign and on December 10, 2020, he declared that he would be running as a Republican[6]. He has also indicated an interest in running for Governor in a possible 2021 recall election[7].

Nickolas Wildstar 2018 and 2020 California Gubernatorial Campaign logo


Dan Behrman endorsed Wildstars campaign on December 12, 2020[8].

2018 California Gubernatorial Campaign


  • Alex Appleby, President of the University of the Pacific chapter of Young Americans for Liberty.
  • Tyler Kuskie, Recruitment Director for Young Americans for Liberty.
  • Larry Sharpe, business consultant and candidate for Vice President of the United States in 2016, Libertarian nominee for Governor of New York in 2018
  • Honor "Mimi" Robson, candidate for Representative of California's 70th State Assembly District
  • Kenneth Brent Olsen, Northern Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of California.


2018 Governor of California Open Primary (Top two advance to general election)
Party Candidate Percent Votes
Democratic Gavin Newsom 33.4% 1,476,353
Republican John H. Cox 26.1% 1,151,783
Democratic Antonio Villaraigosa 13.4% 592,837
Republican Travis Allen 9.6% 426,428
Democratic John Chaing 9.1% 404,100
Democratic Delainne Eastin 3.0% 131,959
Democratic Amanda Renteria 1.3% 55,690
Republican Robert C. Newman II 0.7% 30,955
Republican Peter Y. Liu 0.4% 19.481
Democratic Michael Shellenberger 0.4% 18,949
Republican Yvone Girard 0.3% 14,846
Peace and Freedom Gloria La Riva 0.3% 11,326
Democratic J. Bribiesca 0.2% 10,778
Green Josh Jones 0.2% 9,408
Libertarian Zoltan Istvan 0.2% 8,576
Democratic Albert Caesar Mezzetti 0.2% 7,659
Democratic Robert Davidson Griffis 0.2% 7,289
Libertarian Nickolas Wildstar 0.2% 6,964
Democratic Akinyemi Agbede 0.1% 5,966
Democratic Thomas Jefferson Cares 0.1% 5,863
Green Christopher N. Carlson 0.1% 4,606
No Party Preference Johnny Wattenburg 0.1% 3,507
No Party Preference Hakan "Hawk" Mikado 0.1% 3,240
Democratic Klement Tinaj 0.1% 3,254
No Party Preference Desmond Silveira 0.1% 2,864
No Party Preference Jeffrey Edward Taylor 0.1% 2,602
No Party Preference Shubham Goel 0.1% 2,446