Libertarian Party of San Francisco Convention 2019

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The annual meeting of the Libertarian Party of San Francisco was held Saturday 19 January 2019 at 580 Howard Street, San Francisco.


The following officers were elected:


  • Lydia Ortega - SJSU Economics professor and former candidate for Lt. Governor
  • Clint Griess - professional coach and political campaign manager


0:23:51 Start
0:29:00 Zeb, our host
0:31:00 Kenneth Brent Olsen, Northern Vice Chair
0:41:35 Officer Reports
0:57:42 Keynote speaker: Dr. Lydia Ortega
1:47:00 Bylaws Amendments
2:06:00 Starchild
2:14:39 Break
2:34:17 Speaker: Clint Griess
3:11:00 LPC Chair Candidates
3:25:40 Brainstorming Session
3:54:50 Election of Officers