LNC Meeting 25 November 1972

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November 25, 1972
Albuquerque, NM
Meeting Personnel
Presiding officer: Susan Nolan
Secretary: Diane Amsden
Minutes: Summary in the November 1972 LP News

There was a meeting on this date in which 12 of the 18 voting members were present. Several resolutions were passed, and the following state petitions were affiliation were approved:

Bringing the total of recognized state LP affiliates to 15, up from 8 prior to the ExecComm meeting.

A petition from Arizona was rejected, after evidence was presented that there were irregularities in that state's temporary organization. A petition from Wisconsin was approved subject to resubmission with signatures, rather than typed names. A motion by some California LP members to remove recognition from the currently recognized organization, headed by Alan Coon, and accept a petition from their group instead, was rejected. It was voted that in the future, petitions for affiliation cannot be submitted until a state convention has been held, at which the National LP Statement of Principles is endorsed, officers elected, and a state Constitution and By-Laws adopted. This will hopefully eliminate problems of the type which arose in the Arizona and California situations.

James Bryant of Oregon resigned from his At-Large position. Paul Hodgson, the Region 8 Representative filled that slot leaving a vacancy in Region 8.

It was decided to publish LP News bi-monthly rather than monthly and the month of June was selected for the National Convention 1973.


Albuquerque, NM


Notable Attendees

Ralph Smead, on behalf of elected congressman Steve Symms, thanked the Libertarian Party for their endorsement.[1]