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James W Lark
Lark, Jim.png
Libertarian National Committee
Predecessor: David Bergland
Successor: Geoff Neale
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party

James W (Jim) Lark III, PhD is a former chairman (2000) of the Libertarian National Committee and presently serves as a regional representative on the LNC for LNC Region 5. He is a founding director of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. In 2018, he was inducted into the Hall of Liberty.

Dr Lark is the Local Affiliate Parties' Committee chairman and is heavily involved with campus outreach, both for Virginia and the national party. He has conducted organizing tours and workshops on this. He currently teaches a campus organizing course for the Libertarian Leadership School.

Professionally, he is an adjunct professor of systems engineering at the University of Virginia.

Preceded by:
David Bergland
LNC Chairman
Succeeded by:
Geoff Neale

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