Dean Davison

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Dean D Davison
Dean D Davison.jpg
Personal Details
Residence: Virginia
Party: Libertarian

Dean D Davison is a consultant meteorologist from Virginia as well as a 21 year veteran to the Volunteer Fire. He is the current Vice-Chair and the former Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Virginia. Davison also held 5th CD chair and 6 CD secretary and is current vice-chair of the Roanoke Valley Libertarians.

2021 Virginia House of Delegates Campaign

Davison in the Summer of 2020 announced his run for House of Delegates in the 19th district . The 19th district has never had a libertarian candidate other then Davison but was run by an independent Lacey Putney . Davison first seemed this in 2019 but due to his dad being diagnosed with cancer Dean dropped out to assist family . Deans dad is now in remission . Davison is running on multiple issues from Deregulation of Farm taxes and permits , election reform , Broadband Towers expanding internet and putting them on fire EMS Volunteers grounds to allow them to collect rent ultimately dropping taxes and also to eliminate red flag laws. Davison has done something no libertarian has done . There has been 2 other VCDL endorsements but never one where a libertarian has beat a Republican in a Republican District for the endorsement. Davison hopes this will be the first for many libertarians to do this .


Davison has received The Endorsement of the VCDL PaC in the 19th district race beating a sitting Republican in a Republican district . Davison also holds A Very Pro-Gun rating from VCDL

An A rating from Virginia NORML. Davison also has got the nudge from the Virginia Freedom keepers also the only libertarian to do that as well as very good marks from the Virginia constitutional conservatives.