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James P. Gray
Personal Details
Birth: February 14, 1945 (age 72)
Washington DC
Education: University of Los Angeles, California
University of Southern California (JD)
Military: United States Navy
Occupation: Jurist, Writer
Residence: Newport Beach, California
Party: Libertarian (since 1998)
Republican (prior to 1998)
Website: http://www.judgejimgray.com/about.php
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James 'Jim' Gray is a jurist and writer from Newport Beach, California. He had previously served as presiding judge for the Superior Court of Orange County. In 2004, he was the Libertarian Party of California candidate for US Senate.

He was a delegate seated with the delegation of the Libertarian Party of California at the 2022 National Convention.

Campaigns for Public Office

2004 Campaign for US Senate

In 2004, Gray was the Libertarian candidate for US Senate from California. He received 216,522 votes (1.80%).

2012 Campaign for Vice President of the United States

In 2012, Gray was Gary Johnson's running mate on the Libertarian Party ticket as the Vice-Presidential nominee. Johnson and Gray would finish 3rd in the election, losing to incumbent president Barack Obama and his Vice-President Joe Biden.

2020 Campaign for President of the United States

On April 13 2020, Gray announced his candidacy for president via his email list. Gray named Larry Sharpe as his running mate.[1]

Other Libertarian Achievements