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The Convention Voting Process Committee (CVPC) was created in 2018 and populated in 2019. One of the motivations for its creation was the botched Judicial Committee at the 2018 national convention.


On September 30. 2018, Caryn Ann Harlos moved to create a special committee to examine and make recommendations to improve the voting methods and processes used at our national conventions (Voting Process Committee). This committee shall provide reports of its progress at each LNC meeting leading up to the 2020 national convention and shall work with, and confer with, the Convention Oversight Committee and the Bylaws and Rules Committee as appropriate. The Committee shall comprise nine (9) members appointed by the LNC with an interim Chair appointed by the LNC Chair. The Committee shall select its own Chair at its first meeting.

Additionally, the LNC Chair and LNC Secretary shall be non-voting ex officio members of this Committee.[1]


The voting members of the committee were elected on March 10, 2019.[2]

Voting Members

Non-Voting Ex-Officio Members